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Saturday, January 29, 2005

'Touch and Go' Nasi Lemak

Working Saturday today... so, gotta wear batik... Malaysian batik.

For lunch today, we had 'Touch and Go' nasi lemak from Island Glades. RM1 each only. This is one of our favourite nasi lemak besides the one in the food court at Beach Street. Really 'syoik' :o). For me, the presence of the banana leaf is important... adds to the presentation and taste. Washing it down with a hot and sweet cup of Milo is simply heavenly. Why? Because nasi lemak is already spicy... the hot drink takes you to the point of *beh tahan already...*

[Nasi Lemak: Touch and Go, Island Glades]

Reason why some people are addicted to spicy food? You see... spiciness is interpreted by the brain as pain. When there's pain, the brain produces 'feel good' hormones to counter the pain just like some patients are prescribed morphine when they are feeling intense pain. So, spicy food tricks the brain into producing these hormones and that's why some people feel the 'kick' or 'syiok'. Good thing is, the brain never gets used to the 'pain' and we get to get 'syiok' over and over again...

Okay, enough of spicy stuff... let's go on another little tour of our apartment. Here's a view of our living area from the dining area. What's that at the lower right hand corner? That's Angie's batik painting... painted when she was in Form 3.

[Our Living Area, Out Liking Urea?]

[Angie's Batik Painting: Can I make into batik shirt for office?]

1 comment:

Deng-ded! said...

Oh no, Mr & Mrs Cheah! Call the police! Call SPCA! Dylan's missing from your living room! Where's Dylan the cute omni-gazing dragon? Did someone kidnap him/it? Help, help!