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Monday, January 31, 2005

Tiny Jumbo Jet

Had another go at bread-baking yesterday. Slightly better texture but still a bit on the firm side. Should have let it rise a little more after dividing the dough into buns. *impatient*

[French Village Bread: Voulez vous manger notre pain de village francais? Un peu dur mais tres delicieux!]

The following photo was taken from our apartment balcony.

[Heavenly Blessing: Blessing us and the tiny jumbo jet]

Tonight, we had Indian fried noodle at the coffee shop at the opposite end of the former Double Dragon restaurant in Island Park. Delicious but very, very spicy... Photo taken was blur :o(


5xmom said...

Bart, I usually buy my roti stuff from Sunshine in Siam Road. Their flour always rise. Try getting freemax (or freemat). It is a bread improver, meaning making the bread very soft. (but added chemical la). They also have lots of grains and stuff to make the bread interesting. I had tried several shops bread flour and only Sunshine produce breads I like. Not that I am promoting 'cos bread flour is only RM1.80/KG I think.

Bart said...

5xmom: Thanks for the tip... we bought our breadmix from the bakery supply shop in Batu Lanchang market - a small corner shop with a friendly taukay. Haven't looked into other 'additives' yet... perhaps will try :o)