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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Julian's Disappearing Act

Julian has improved on his magic skills since his last performance when he was 11 months old.

Julian gets into the box
[As you can see, I'm climbing into the box]

Julian sits in the box
[Comfy! I could sit here all day :o)]

Box is closed
[On with the trick... close the box, please! Err... stuffy in here *gasp!*]

Box is empty!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Julian at 33 Months

Julian turned 33 months old on 28 February 2010.

Here are his updates:
  • His speech continues to improve and he can now speak in short sentences.
  • When greeting people, he often refuses to address the person. He would only say 'Hi' or 'Hello' and not 'Hello, Daddy, etc'.
  • He says 'excuse me' when he sneezes and when he lets go gas.
  • He is able to respond 'welcome' when we thank him.
  • He has learnt to say thank you in Malay - 'ma-sih' (terima kasih).
  • He's into 'sauce', the latest being 'tomato sauce'. Sweet & sour gravy works. He likes it with his (fried) rice. He's been taking actual tomato ketchup and light soy sauce for some time now; the former with french fries and the latter (plus pepper) with porridge and half-boiled egg.


Julian smiling
[Julian has been up to something]

Julian in the box
[Julian's fun-filled empty box]

Julian eating lollypop
[Julian licking a lollypop]

Matching T-shirts
[Hey! I've got one too :o)]

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Taking the Public Transport

On 26 February 2010 we decided to take the boys for a little novel outing. We drove to Weld Quay and parked our car. Then we went on the ferry as walking passengers. Julian was happily running around in the ferry.

Julian on the ferry
[Julian on the ferry]

When we got to Butterworth, we took a bus to Kampung Kastam to meet up with Ah Kong and Poh Poh for lunch. Julian couldn't quite sit still in the bus. Perhaps the seats we took did not allow him to look out the window...

Julian on the bus
[Julian hanging on]

Justin sleeping on the bus
[Justin snoozing on the bus ride]

After lunch, Ah Kong and Poh Poh took us to the railway station. We were hoping to see "Thomas". There weren't any trains coming in or going out, but Julian did get to see a yellow and a dark green 'Thomas' that were on display :-)

Julian with the train
[Julian at the Butterworth railway station]

After that we took the ferry back to the Island.

Justin at 7 Months

Justin turned 7 months old on 25 February 2010. No check up this month so we'll have to wait till next month to know his weight gain and length.

Here are his updates:
  • Soon after his 6th month Justin was able to sit. He was able to get himself up from tummy position to sitting position on 18 Feb, one week before he turned 7 months. Now that Justin can sit, eating out is easier because we can put him in the baby chair :-)
  • At about 6 1/2 months (just before Chinese New Year) he started getting himself up on hands and knees. He would rock himself in that position! Now at 7 months he's able to crawl but he doesn't seem to do it very much.
  • Although he's not very interested in crawling, he has shown a lot of interest in getting on his feet! He often tries to pull himself up to standing position. He can get his legs straight by pushing on something like our legs, but is not quite able to pull his body up to full standing position. However, with help from Daddy or Mummy he can get to standing position quite easily. And he likes it :-)
  • He's using the walker now.
  • He's got two teeth on his bottom gum now. They erupted soon after he turned 6 months.
  • He's still picky about who carries him especially at night or when he's hungry/sleepy.
  • Justin had his first dip in the swimming pool on 18 Feb 2010, one week before turning 7 months. He appeared to like it :-)

Justin sitting
[Justin sitting unsupported]

Justin on fours
[Justin on all fours]

Justin teething
[Justin's teeth erupting]

Justin eats rusk
[Justin eating rusk]

Justin drooling
[Justin drooling]

Justin and Ducky
[Justin loves his Ducky]

Justin all excited
[Justin excited about something]

Justin and Mummy
[Justin and Mummy]

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fun at the Beach

After 3 failed attempts to take the boys to the beach we finally made it to Miami Beach, Batu Feringghi on 20 February 2010. Ah Kong and Poh Poh joined in the fun.

Ah Kong brought his jala (fishing net) and managed to catch 3 fishes for Julian to see and play with. (They were released before we left.) Julian also had fun running on the beach and playing with his pail and sand toys. He did not want to get wet... not even his feet! He would run back when the waves came to shore. It was surprising as he seemed to have enjoyed getting wet in the sea on a previous visit (last year).

Julian and the sand
[Julian having fun with the sand]

Justin and Mummy
[Justin and Mummy]

Justin was quite happy taking in the scenery and was absolutely thrilled when we put his feet into the sea :-)

Justin and the waves
[Justin experiencing his first encounter with waves]

It was a fun outing and the beach had sufficient shade. We'll be back! :-)

(Post written by Angie)

The Tiger Growls In

The Ox kicked us into the Year of the Tiger. What with Bart being warded and all so close to Chinese New Year, we were actually quite tired. Anyhow we tried to make the best of the festivities.

We were in Butterworth for the reunion dinner this year on 13 February. It was steamboat for lunch and a rice-with-dishes dinner. Both Antonia and Aileen were back so it was one of those rare occasions when the whole family could gather. Since Justin is already on solids and has two teeth, he was allowed to sample some of the Chinese New Year treats. While tasting fishcake, he bit some off and thankfully swallowed the little piece!

Sea Cucumber with Button Mushroomsr
[Sea Cucumber with Button Mushrooms]

Mixed Vegetables with Clam Foots
[Mixed Vegetables with Clam Foots]

Duck Soup with Preserved Vegetables
[Duck Soup with Preserved Vegetables]

Chinese New Year day saw us in church for mass. Then we went home for a simple noodle brunch. Aileen had to go to work after lunch. We took the boys to Jusco in Bandar Perda in the afternoon. After dinner we came back to Penang. Julian was still feeling a bit homesick so we decided to let him sleep in his own bed before travelling to Menglembu the next day for our second leg of the celebrations.

We arrived in Menglembu on the second day of Chinese New Year in time for lunch. This year, it was rather quiet as Niq, Chui Ying & Gabriel were in Ipoh. Due to the recent 'spots' attack, we imposed a self-quarantine so as to minimise the possibility of spreading the virus. However, we did visit pak-pak and nyong-nyong at the Pusing farm that afternoon. Julian was kept amused with the ducks, chickens and kittens.

Hakka-style Kiu Nyuk
[Hakka-style Kiu Nyuk: A dish no amount of money can buy]

Drunken Chicken Soup
[Drunken Chicken Soup]

Chop Suey, Chicken Curry, and Waxed Meat
[Chop Suey, Chicken Curry, and Waxed Meat]

On the third day of Chinese New Year we spent time at home in the day. In the evening Grandpa and Grandma took Julian to see monkeys. Then we all went for a drive up Kledang Hill to enjoy the view. Later that night we took the boys to the fun fair. Julian had a train ride with daddy. He liked looking at the ferris wheel but refused to get on it. Justin was curiously taking in the sights and sounds as it was his first trip to a fun fair.

We came back to Penang on the fourth day.

(Post written by Angie)

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Encountering a Vile Virus

4 February 2010 saw us on a trip back to Ipoh for a short holiday. The original plan was to go to Pangkor Island on the 5th for an over-night stay since we really liked our previous beach holiday in Langkawi. Instead, I had a mild fever by the time we arrived. That killed any plans to go to Pangkor. Instead, with the fever under control with paracetamol, we decided on a drive to Sitiawan on 5 February 2010 with my parents for lunch, with the possibility of dropping by the beach at Teluk Batik nearby.

Lunch at Restoran Chai Chin was very nice. We ordered an interesting steamed-grouper dish laden with onions. However, the weather that afternoon was disappointing. It was raining. So, we headed back to Ipoh after lunch. No beach.

After a bath upon returning to Ipoh, I saw the cause of my fever from the bathroom mirror. I had spots all over my chest and tummy! I quickly consulted my Mom who thinks it was measles, maybe Rubella.

So, on the 6th, I saw the doctor at the Batu Gajah Hospital. Justin saw the doctor as well. He had fever because he was teething. For me, the doctor ordered a blood test to be done and from the results she suspected something viral. I was to do another blood test the next day. On the 7th, she didn't like the result of the blood test and suspected dengue. I was warded. By then, the fever had already subsided but the rash prevailed.

For the next few days, I was subjected to many blood tests and the results showed no dengue but below-normal platelet counts. Only by the 11th the platelet count increased, although slightly below normal, and I was discharged. So, it wasn't dengue but none of the tests were conducted to detect measles. So, we'll never really know what hit me...