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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Car Wash Woe

We decided to take Julian for a car wash experience on 18 April 2009. We thought he would be fascinated going through the machine, watching the brush move across the window.

However, we unknowingly ended up at a car wash which didn't use a machine. Nevertheless, we could remain inside the car while the workers washed the car outside. As it turned out, the sound of the powerful water jet on the car and the blinding soap over the car was too much for Julian. He was in tears of fear... and the poor boy was sitting all by himself in his car seat at the back... We could only offer words of comfort and reassurance, and hold his leg - which wasn't of much help.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Ching Ming 2009

We went home to Menglembu on 3 April 2009 for Ching Ming (or Cheng Beng a.k.a. Chinese All Soul's Day) which fell on 4 April 2009. My extended family is non-Catholic/Christian hence Ching Ming has more significance than the Christian All Soul's Day.

7.30am on that Saturday morning saw us trudging up the hill at the Papan cemetery. The first stop was at my great-grandmother's grave. After that, we went to my grandfather and grandmother's grave.

Great-grandma's grave
[At great-grandma's grave: my 3rd uncle is seen here propping up a tree branch used to hang a string of firecrackers]

[Bang! Bang! Bang!]

Gung-gung & poh-poh's grave
[At my gung-gung and poh-poh's grave]

It's pretty amusing how my uncle(s) and more senior cousins were able to locate the graves based on the position of certain trees on the hill. This year's visit was technologically enhanced when
Niq brough along his GPS device to note the location of the graves :o).

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Briefly Botanic

I managed to swing by the Botanic Gardens on 27 March 2009. The main objective was to indulge in some photography.

Dusky leaf monkey
[Dusky leaf monkey (spectacled langur): mother with baby]

Yellow-vented bulbul pair
[A pair of yellow-vented bulbuls]

Yellow-vented bulbul
[Another shot of the yellow-vented bulbul]

Greater racket-tailed drongo
[Greater racket-tailed drongo]

Alas, as soon as my shutter finger was just warming up, it started to drizzle. I preservered with the help of an umbrella but the weather got the upper hand as the drizzle soon turned into a downpour. Then, I left... dejected.

I drove home and baked a cake :o).

Monday, April 13, 2009

Julian at 22 Months

Julian turned 22 months last 28 March 2009.

On the talking front, he seems to be wanting to talk more or imitate more sounds, but he's still at the stage of making one or two syllable sounds to communicate. We have noticed that he is able to recognise certain numbers (especially number 7) and letters of the alphabet.

He's now up and running (horrors!) and trips only occasionally. The problem is that he seldom wants to go in the direction we adults want to go. Worse still, he doesn't like to walk holding hands. So, we usually have to make it look like a game to attract him to "chase" us in the right direction. We have also noticed that he is more confident going up or down lower/shallower steps unaided, but would still go on all fours to ascend or descend higher/deeper steps (e.g. staircases).

He is still a picky eater, only taking meat when it is minced or in small bits that is "hidden" in rice or porridge. He loves eggs, especially egg yolks. He also loves crispy snacks (oh, oh!) (e.g. biscuits, salty banana chips, papadums, etc.).

On the social front, he is liberal with his hugs and generous with his "bye"s and flying kisses. He can also be anti-social when he chooses, though seldom. He has demanded us to end phone calls and shoo-ed people away (by saying "bye!").

Other observations:
  • when the car stops (e.g. at traffic lights) he likes to imitate the car engine sound and pretends to turn an imaginary steering wheel
  • when watching his favourite shows, he can somehow remember what scenes would appear next
  • he can choose the shows he wants to watch and can even load the DVD by himself (but he still doesn't know how to turn the TV on to the right channel)
  • has thrown tantrum at the mall (he refused to leave a toy shop at Queensbay Mall)
  • he stops us when we sing him a song he doesn't want to hear
  • he can pretend to eat by making chomping sounds

[The TV Lover *roll eyes*]

[The Cake-cutting Lover: it's more like he loves to "jab" the cake *roll eyes again*]


Julian had a bout of roseola (fake measles) from 19 to 21 March 2009.

It started as a fever on 15 March 2009 which lasted until 18 March 2009. Since he also had some loose stool, we had initially thought he had a stomach flu. However, on the 19th after the fever had subsided, we noticed red patches on his face. The next day, he started having red dots on his tummy. It was a good thing the whole episode lasted only a week.