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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Curry at Karaikudi

After attending the Sunset mass for Palm Sunday (15 March 2008), we had dinner at Karaikudi Restaurant in Hillside, Tanjung Bungah.

We ordered chicken dhum briyani rice, cheese naan, Punjabi chicken curry (tandoori chicken cooked in curry) and baigan bartha (mashed brinjal cooked in spices).

Chicken briyani rice
[Chicken Dhum Briyani Rice]

Cheese naan
[Cheese Naan]

Punjabi chicken curry
[Punjabi Chicken Curry]

Baigan bartha
[Baigan Bartha]

On the whole, it was a delicious meal. Serving size is quite generous for 2 persons. Total bill came to RM30.

Easter 2008

Holy Week this year was rather busy for us.

We attended the Sunset mass for Palm Sunday at the Church of the Assumption. We sometimes attend mass there because we like to hear the pipe organ. Julian likes to go there because there is an Auntie who always comes to say "Hi!" to Julian after mass.

Julian on Palm Sunday
[Julian on Palm Sunday]

Wednesday night of Holy Week saw us at the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit because we were on duty to sing and play the organ for a special weekday mass with an extended surmon by Fr. Fabian Dicom.

Thursday saw us in church again on duty for the Maundy Thursday mass at 5pm.

Friday was Good Friday... again on duty at night. For Good Friday the service has to be specially solemn, so no playing of the organ... just plain singing. Julian was extra holy because he attended the 12 noon service as well with the baby sitter :o).

Easter Sunday morning saw us singing in the cathedral choir. Angie's parents and grandmother, my parents,
Niq, Chui Ying and Gabriel were there at the mass. After mass we all adjourned to Pearl Palace Restaurant at Setia Pearl Island Country Club, Sg. Ara for lunch.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Julian Update

Julian is almost 9 1/2 months and getting more and more active. We have now observed him kneeling. We have also since end of February started brushing his teeth.

Recently he has begun objecting to being put in his car seat. But we're not ready to be outsmarted by a baby. So, now we bring along his favourite toys on standby in the car to distract him while we strap him in. So far so good...

After casting our votes last Saturday (8 March 2008), we went over to Butterworth on the ferry. We had wanted Julian to experience a ride on the ferry but, alas, he fell asleep!

Julians first ferry ride
[Julian's First Ferry Ride: Hohumm...]

On Sunday (9 March 2008) we noticed that Julian's third tooth had erupted! So now he has two existing ones on the lower jaw and a new one the upper jaw. He has been drooling a lot lately and has been very cranky when sleeping the last two nights. He'd just wake up and cry... must be due to teething. So we used a syringe to "bathe" his upper gums with cold water... seemed to work. Since he now has teeth on both jaws, he has started grinding his teeth (the sound makes me feel uneasy).

Julian and his teeth
[Julian showing off his teeth]

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Election Epilogue

The Malaysian 12th General Election has come and gone. It will be an understatement to say that the results were interesting :o). Ha ha... Admittedly, this post is already very late by blogging standards but we thought we'd just punch in a few lines to say "we voted!".

Angie & I strolled into SMK Hamid Khan in Island Glades to cast our votes at about 9am that fateful Saturday morning of 8 March 2008. It was a breeze as there was hardly a queue at our respective streams. Before we knew it, we were already strolling out the centre after drawing our cute little crosses. But of course, not before saying "hi" to
Peter, Joyce and Ethan.

Early that night, we knew something interesting was happening when DAP seemed to be doing very well in Penang. So, we went to bed at about midnight knowing by then that Penang and Kedah were in the hands of a new state government.

The first thing we did on Sunday morning was to log on to the net and to our surprise, the "weighing scale" was tipped! No more two-thirds majority in Parliament! I had goose pimples :o). Wowww...

Who did Julian vote for? His own party of course: Parti ABC (Aku Bayi Comel or Aku Baby Choobee) :o)

Cruising to Auto City

For a long time, we've said,"one day, we must take a drive to Auto City". That day finally materialised on 1 March 2008 :-)

We chose to visit a KIA showroom then proceeded to do what we like best - sample some cuisine :-) We had dinner at Roxbury's Food House. We ordered Pizzalania (a lasagne baked in a pizza base 'bowl') and varuval cheese steak sandwich. Both met our gastronometer's mark of 'satisfactory' but the varuval scored better. Julian had a share of the sandwich.


Varuval Cheese Steak Sandwich
[Varuval Cheese Steak Sandwich]

Julian and Angie at Roxbury's
[Julian and Angie at Roxbury's]

After dinner we took a little stroll around. There were some lantern-like displays and a mini fun fair. Julian did not qualify for any of the rides so he had to be contented riding in Daddy and Mummy's arms :-)

Bird lanterns
[Bird Lanterns: An Avian Fairyland]

And yes, we agree with reviews that it's quite a happening place.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Pleasing Pizza & Pie

Last week and early this week I was on another baking spree. Pizza was the order of the day on Tuesday (19 Feb 2008). It was an oriental pizza - minced pork with onions in dark soy sauce and oyster sauce, and sausages, topped with cheese. No tomato puree or oregano.

Oriental Pizza
[Oriental Pizza]

On Thursday (21 Feb 2008) I baked my first pie, which I think was reasonably successful :-) It was a lime & coconut meringue pie. It has a sour tinge from the lime balanced by the sweet meringue on top. Quite an exquisite taste, I must say. Never tasted anything like it before. The texture is smooth with hints of desicated coconut although none is used in the recipe. It was an interesting pie. Would make a fantastic dessert to a very rich/filling meal.

Lime & Coconut Meringue Pie
[Lime & Coconut Meringue Pie]

On Tuesday (26 Feb 2008) we had bread pudding for supper :-)

Julian at 9 Months

Julian turned 9 months old on Thursday (28 Feb 2008). No check-up at the clinic this month but from our rough estimate based on our bathroom scale, he's about 8kg.

He's now an expert on his walker, and has progressed to crawling on his knees.

On the communication front, he seems to be giving clearer signs as to when he needs to poo. He also makes cute whining sounds when he is hungry. Only if we fail to comply with feeding will he start crying.

He loves playing peek-a-boo, "blanket camping", and seeing us balance objects on our heads only to laugh when the objects fall off :o).

Where is Julian?
[Where is Julian?]

There you are!
[There you are! :o)]