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Friday, July 27, 2007

Julian at 2 months

Julian is now 2 months old! He now weighs roughly 5kg. The last 2 weeks saw Julian flashing more obvious and consistent social smiles when talked to or tickled on his cheeks :o). He also seems to be saying "ah-woh" ("hello"??) and "eh-ah" ("yes ah"??) quite often :o).

On Tuesday (24 July 2007), we were all back at Butterworth to celebrate Papa's birthday. We also made a quick visit to St. Anne's church in Bukit Mertajam. So, Julian has now been to 4 different churches (St. Joseph's in Batu Gajah, Holy Spirit Cathedral and Assumption in Penang, and St. Anne's) in just 2 months. That day also marked Julian's first shopping outing when we dropped by Carrefour in Seberang Jaya. Julian had a really busy week :o).

Julian smiling
[Julian appreciating a funny story...]

Julian smiling again
[Hee hee hee...]

The Three of Us
[The Three of Us]

Eighteen Wine and Dine

We had lunch at Eighteen Wine and Dine - a restaurant at Krystal Point, Bayan Baru last Saturday (21 July 2007).

We ordered 2 of their set lunches. First we had pumpkin soup, followed by the main dish (I ordered lamb stew and Angie ordered roast chicken). Then we had ice cream for dessert and coffee/tea to wash it all down. Prices were reasonable - under RM20 per set. Julian, as usual, had his milk :o).

Roast chicken
[Roast chicken]

Lamb stew
[Lamb stew served with rice]

Doughnut Peaches

We came across some doughnut peaches the other day at the supermarket. They were in a pack of about 12 fruits for RM9.99. They tasted okay - moderately sweet.

Doughnut peaches
[Doughnut Peaches: Squished peaches at premium prices...]

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Julian at 7 weeks

Julian is 7 weeks old tomorrow. It is not obvious whether he has grown any bigger except that he does seem heavier now when we lift him up :o). However, today we let him put on the same pair of red knitted booties he wore when we first brought him home from the hospital. The booties seemed too big for him then. But now, my my... he (well, at least his feet) has almost outgrown it!

Red booties
[Julian and his red knitted booties]

This evening we took Julian out to a Tom Yam stall for dinner along Greenlane. Angie ordered nasi goreng ayam merah (fried chicken rice with red sauce), I ordered nasi goreng paprik (paprik fried rice) and teh tarik (tea with milk), while Julian ordered some bottled formula milk. It was a pleasant dinner for three :o).

Here are some photo updates from Julian:

Julian's hand
[Julian's hand]

Julian's feet
[Julian's feet]

The Pacifier
[The Paficier: We let him try a pacifier the other day... must not make this a habit :o)]

The Singlet
[The Singlet: Julian's athletic look... boxing anyone?]

Friday, July 13, 2007

Julian's First Mini Outing

Julian is 6 weeks old this week.

Yesterday evening (12 July 2007), we took Julian out for his first "non-business" outing, i.e. not to see the doctor, full moon formalities, or for mass. We first dropped by his grandaunts' place just down the road. Then, we took him to a playing field just at the bend of Jalan Delima. This was where a group of ladies were doing line dancing, a father and son were throwing a frisbie, a few guys playing soccer, joggers jogged and people in the area sat around for a chat. All these happened... while he slept! Well, at least he had some freash air :o).

After almost 7 weeks, Julian has proven to be a strange suckler. I'm sure he's not alone but all the same we are quite amused (well, sometimes otherwise) by his antics. The popular book - What To Expect: The First Year, categorises Julian as a "rester"... so it is quite challenging for us :o). He regurgitates quite often too. While is is not uncommon, it's not fun either.

Up till now, he waves and kicks a lot while awake. He has also started smiling more frequently (sometimes quite comically), although he has yet to flash his first "social" smile. Looking forward to it.