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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Jianna at 21 Months

Jianna turned 21 months old on 30 December 2013. Here are some updates:
  • She can count 1-10 correctly.
  • On 12 Dec 2013 we noticed the starting of a mole on her face.
  • Her vocabulary has increased significantly.
[Swinging fun]

[Jianna loves bags]


[Painted nails from a birthday party at school]

Julian at 79 Months

Julian turned 79 months old on 28 December 2013. Here are some recent photos of him:

[Enjoying ice kacang]

[Puzzle fun at a playground]

[Doing a headstand]

[Gangnam Style]

[I got through the bars!]

[In a tight squeeze]

[At a fishing village]

Justin at 53 Months

Justin turned 53 months old on 25 December 2013. 

For sometime now, going to the barber has been a 'hair-rowing' experience for him. He would cry and object. It was only recently that we found out the problem. He hates the shaver. So now we specifically request for his haircut to be done with the scissors - and he would remind us about it, too. Problem solved :-)

Lately he likes to 'confirm' things we say. He would often use the, "..., is it?" question tag. E.g. 
Justin: What colour is the tree trunk? 
Mummy/Daddy: Brown.
Justin: Brown, is it?

[Mr Cool]

[With nails painted after a birthday party at school]

Monday, January 27, 2014

Christmas 2013

Christmas was spent with our families. This year, we put up a Christmas tree in our apartment for the first time. The children were very excited :-)

[Briefing before decorating the Christmas tree]

[Julian hanging a decoration]

[Justin doing his bit to beautify the tree]

[Jianna checks the decoration]

[Daddy gets to put the star at the top]

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Family Day in Pangkor

We spent a 3-day 2-night stay (17-19 January 2014) at Teluk Dalam Resort in Pangkor for Bart's department's family day. The event was from 18-19 January but since 17 Jan was a publich holiday for Thaipusam, we took the opportunity to go a day earlier.

We arrived at the resort late afternoon and therefore spent the first day at the resort.

The second day, we went for a round island tour with the children and another family. Our van broke down during the tour, which caused a bit of worry to our boys. But all ended well and we were back at the resort in good time for the family day event which began that afternoon. That night, another untoward incident happened. There was a blackout - and just as the kids were getting ready to sleep! Fortunately, for whatever reason, there were two tea candles in the room. We found out from the reception that it was an island-wide blackout.

The final day there was telematch. This time, Julian was able and eager to join in the fun. He took part in two events and was thrilled to receive the prizes. Daddy's team also won a hamper so the kids enjoyed more goodies :-)

[Kampung style accommodation]

[Our room]

[Hornbill of Pangkor]

[Inspecting fish drying in the sun]

[Posing with the Tinman]

[Family shot at the Dutch Fort]

[Julian in action]

[What is Pangkor grass made of?]