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Monday, January 26, 2009

Chinese New Year 2009

We found out we are not the most prudent pair this year :o) but it's okay... We maintained some level of frugality this year with a crate of Shandy and a packet of sunflower seeds as gifts.

We join in in popularising this year's cliche, i.e. "new" = "niu" (the Chinese word for "cow"). So, here's wishing one and all a Happy, Pr-Ox-perous and Au-Ox-picious Chinese "Niu" Year!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Family Day at Damai Laut

My department organised a family day at Swiss Garden Golf Resort and Spa Damai Laut, off Pangkor Island, near Lumut, Perak. We were there from 9-11 January 2009.

The first day saw us checking in at about 6.30pm after an uneventful 2 1/2 hour drive from Penang. We then proceeded for dinner at 8.00pm with lucky draw. Well, it wasn't exactly a "lucky" draw as it was planned in such a way that each staff would get a prize... how nice :o). We walked away with a food steamer.

Bed tester
[Bed tested and approved by Julian]

On the second day, disaster struck... I had diarrhoea! I was also having a slight fever. We did not suspect food poisoning as no one else complained. It could be something I picked up from Julian who recovered from a bout of acute gastroenteritis just 3 days earlier. As such, I couldn't really enjoy breakfast and lunch. Nevertheless, we still managed to have some fun during the telematch which was held in the morning by the beach.

By the afternoon on the second day, I was already feeling miserable. But I pushed myself to attend a briefing which was organised for staff only. Angie and Julian spent some time together in the hotel room until we met up for tea. In the evening, we all had a nap... which was good because it was after the nap that I began to feel much better. I recovered sufficiently to enjoy the BBQ buffet dinner which was delicious, complete with a lamb roasted over the fire :o).

Roast lamb
[Angie and Julian posing with the roasted lamb]

On the last day, we went to the beach. Julian enjoyed playing sand with the children of some of my colleagues. Angie and I also tried some archery for the first time. There were a few other complimentary games/sports available but we had to pass as we had Julian with us.

Damai Laut beach
[Sun, sea and sand]

Archery attempt
[An attempt at archery]

Except for my diarrhoea, we had a good time. Food was also not bad if not fantastic. Due to the secluded nature of the resort, it's good for those who prefer to stay put at one location.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tummy Trouble

Julian started a bout of diarrhoea and fever in the afternoon of 2 Jan 2009. What a start to the year! It was the worst he has experienced. He was diagnosed with acute gastroenteritis. During this time he was rather lethargic, had poor appetite and was very clingy to mummy. In fact, on Saturday (3 Jan) he took almost nothing but breast milk. Fortunately mummy didn't have to be at work for long. We were thankful that he recovered by 7 Jan.

We're not certain of the cause, but on new year's day we took him to an economy rice shop for lunch. There he had porridge with some of the dishes. That same day, mummy suffered a bit of food poisoning. Daddy was fine. Whether this is the cause, we don't know... but we're certainly not taking him back to that shop for anymore meals!

(Ex-) DVD Addict

Recently we had a serious problem with Julian's addiction to the DVD. It became serious after Christmas when he received the 101 Dalmations II DVD. He was SOOOO crazy about watching the "dog, woo woo". Actually he only watches the first 20 minutes of the programme when there are the most dogs. After that he would want us to restart the show.

The problem became unacceptable to us when he was so hooked on it that he refused to even look at any of his other toys or books. He would only point to the TV and repeatedly say "dog woo woo". So we decided enough was enough. No more DVDs. No "dog woo woo" and also no "ba ba" (Teletubbies). He wailed initially and this lasted a few days but we are glad to say that he is now back to his normal self playing with a variety of toys. We allow him the occasional TV.

Since he watches Barney and some other DVDs/Tv programmes at the babysitter's, we don't think we are depriving him of any "modern-day entertainment".

Fried Rice and Friends

We brought back some ground chilli and shrimp flakes as well as some fried lard chips from Butterworth after the Christmas weekend. We added these to some fried rice and, boy, did it taste delicious!

[Loads of lard]

[Chilli and shrimp flakes]

[Fried rice with pork cutlets, fried chicken and fried potatoes]

Friday, January 02, 2009

Foie Gras

We tasted foie gras (pronounced "fwah grah") for the first time last Saturday (27 Dec 2008). It is made of goose (or duck) liver and tasted somewhat like luncheon meat except that it had a creamy texture with hints of liver (of course). We had the foie gras with some fig bread.

[Foie gras served on round fig bread]

[A chunck of foie gras and a roll of fig bread]

Noodle Nuisance

Last 13 Dec 2008, someone from one of the upper floors of our apartment building conveniently allowed some noodles to fall out of their balcony and onto ours (wind-assisted perhaps)! It's probably the deed of some children but it's too bad that they were not supervised by more discerning adults in their household.

In fact this was not the first time we encountered such blatant littering - we have had our share of cigarette boxes, candy wrappers, kiddie stickers and empty snack packets. Although we assume such incidences are not uncommon in apartments but the frequency is something left much to be desired (or undesired?).

We do not have the cleanest of balconies but we certainly do not need any unwanted help in making it more dirty than it already is! *hmphh*!

Noodle nuisance
[Noodle nuisance]