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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

(Ex-) DVD Addict

Recently we had a serious problem with Julian's addiction to the DVD. It became serious after Christmas when he received the 101 Dalmations II DVD. He was SOOOO crazy about watching the "dog, woo woo". Actually he only watches the first 20 minutes of the programme when there are the most dogs. After that he would want us to restart the show.

The problem became unacceptable to us when he was so hooked on it that he refused to even look at any of his other toys or books. He would only point to the TV and repeatedly say "dog woo woo". So we decided enough was enough. No more DVDs. No "dog woo woo" and also no "ba ba" (Teletubbies). He wailed initially and this lasted a few days but we are glad to say that he is now back to his normal self playing with a variety of toys. We allow him the occasional TV.

Since he watches Barney and some other DVDs/Tv programmes at the babysitter's, we don't think we are depriving him of any "modern-day entertainment".


chris said...

Sorry that you are addicted to DVDs.
Grandma thought that will train you to sit still.

KittyCat said...

Good thinking! Barney is SO addictive I'm relieved Lucas doesn't like the purple dinosaur (and I don't get any of its VCDs either) :)

How about signing Julian up for the Read-a-Book-a-Month Challenge over at my book blog,

I'm sure both of you will be able to get him hooked on reading ;-) ;-)