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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Baby Stuff

We have been doing some shopping lately for baby stuff. With so many brands to choose from, selection was not easy.

[Baby toiletries]

[Baby feeding stuff]

We have already got most of the essential baby stuff. Next is to think of stuff to buy for the confinement :o).

Kiu Nyuk Finally

We tried cooking Kiu Nyuk (pork and yam slices in thick sweet gravy) again after an earlier attempt.

Preparations began on the night of 21 March 2007 which lasted some 2 hours. The pork and yam had to be deep fried, onions and garlic had to be minced, and the gravy (flavoured with red fermented beancurd and five-spice powder) had to be prepared. The gravy was then used to marinate the pork and yam slices overnight.

On 22 March 2007, we invited some friends over for dinner and we served the Kiu Nyuk, mixed vegetables (broccoli and carrots), and chinese sausage omelette. Before serving the Kiu Nyuk, we had to steam it for over an hour. The Kiu Nyuk turned out to be "so-so only" by standards set by my paternal grandmother. The pork was still rather tough, the yam was not soft and not powdery, and there was not enough gravy. We were later informed that we should have steamed it for 2 hours at least.

[Kiu Nyuk Finally]

On the whole, it was a good effort considering the amount of effort and time that is needed in its preparation.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Music Tree Now

About 2 months ago, we planted our music tree. Here's how it looks now.

[Our Music Tree: photo taken on 17 March 2007]

Durian Wannabes

During the last Engaged Encounter Weekend at the College General in Penang, the durian trees were in bloom.

[A couple of durian flowers amongst bunches of buds]

[Durian wannabes: after the flowers have dried up]

Piggy Wiggy Food Update

Admittedly, this post is rather late but here's a photo of what we had for lunch on the first day of Chinese New Year in Menglembu.

[Clockwise from top-left: chicken mushroom soup, kiu nyuk, broccoli, chinese sausages, assam fish, and roast duck]

On the second day, we were back in

Sunday, March 18, 2007

A-maize-ing Fritters

Today we had a tea party for two. We served homemade cucur jagung (corn fritters) with chocolate drinks. Here's the proof:

Before: cream corn, onions, anchovies, flour and salt]

[After: a-maize-ing fritters ready to eat]

Baby Updates: 29 weeks

We are now 29 weeks pregnant. Baby is quite active now and was estimated to weigh 1.3kg a week ago. Since the last post Daddy can now feel baby's movements very prominently. Sometimes we could even see baby's movements. We are presently making preparations for baby's arrival by scouting around for things to buy.

[Daddy & Mummy at 29 weeks]

Seventh Encounter

From the 9-11 March 2007, we presented at the 64th Catholic Engaged Encounter Weekend at the College General, Penang. 19 couples attended the weekend. We were on the presenting team with Fr. Ambrose Vaz, Chris and Lina Baptist, and Patrick and Eunice Cheah. This is our seventh weekend presenting.

[Participants, presenters and supporting couples of EE64]

Monday, March 05, 2007

Piggy Wiggy Saunters In

The first part of the holidays saw us back in Menglembu greeting the arrival of little piggy with lots of sumptuous food. Sorry, no pictures of our Menglembu menu because we accidentally switched our camera memory card with that of Dad's. Will post some when we manage to swap.

The second part of Chinese New Year was in Butterworth with more delicious food to enjoy.

[Limpets and Sea Cucumber Strips]

[Four Seasons Salad: Purple Cabbage, Cherry Tomatoes and Deep Fried Seaweed and Straw Mushrooms]

[Abalone and Broccoli]

[Fried Prawns in Thai Sauce: It's Ha! Ha! for the Cantonese & Hakkas but to the Hokkiens its Heh! Heh! :o)]

[Fatt Choy Stuffed Mushrooms]

[Fruit Salad]

At the rate we were going, we would look like the zodiac of the year in no time :-)

And baby? Well, baby enjoyed all the food, too, moving excitedly especially after every meal!