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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Julian at 7 Months

Julian turned 7 month old yesterday (28 December 2007). We weighed ourselves on our bathroom weighing scale while carrying and while not carrying him to estimate his weight. Horrors! He's only roughly 7.5kg. We agree that this is not the best way to weigh a baby but we really wonder why he's not gaining weight well. Anyway, there's no appointment at the clinic this month. So, we'll have to wait until he's 8 months old to know his actual weight.

We believe he has been feeding well, at least until he's satisfied and does not want anymore milk (about 5 1/2 to 6oz), cereal or porridge. He's currently taking 1 "chinese" bowl of cereal for lunch and 1 bowl of porridge at tea time.

We still face the every-night challenge of putting Julian to bed (no, we don't put him "to sleep"). He's into the habit of being carried to sleep, sometimes with much fuss and crying. So, we have tired pairs of hands. Please excuse us if we refuse to help you carry heavy loads.

On the plus side, Julian can now sit unaided for longer periods now, sometimes even with his hands off the ground.

Julian sitting
[Wobble wobble... easy does it...]

Julian sitting again
[Daddy, I'm tired... please can you put the camera away and carry me?]

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

We Love To Travel!

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Christmas 2007

It was a busy Christmas this year. Monday evening saw us in Butterworth for Christmas Eve steamboat dinner with Angie's family. On Christmas Day, Angie and I were in the choir to sing for the Christmas Day mass at 9.00am. We then adjourned to my brother Niq's place for Christmas Day lunch with my parents. So, within the two days, we managed to meet up with all our family members.

This is Julian's first Christmas. We believe he enjoyed it because (1) there were lots of opportunities to meet up with his grandparents, uncle, aunties, grandaunts and great grand mother (they couldn't leave him alone, ho ho ho); (2) there was lots of beautiful Chirstmas music; and (3) there were lots of presents!

Julian and his presents
[Julian and his presents]

Present from Mummy & Daddy
[Here's one from from Mummy and Daddy: Ho! Ho! Ho!]

Julian's turtle romper
[What did Mummy and Daddy get me? A turtle-on-my-bum-bum romper! Auntie Pelf Jie Jie would certainly approve :o)]

Wishing you a Blessed and Holy Christmas Season and Happy New Year 2008!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Half of This, Half of That

Last weekend, we noticed that Julian has started to "commando" crawl. We got to be more alert now because he can get from one end of the mattress to the other end very quickly.

Commando crawl
[The Commando Wannabe: We don't think so... he'll be smiling non-stop at the enemies]

He has also started to "half sit" with the help of his hands.

[Let me sit properly and we'll have a game of mahjong, okay?]

Auntie WY would recognise the outfit Julian is wearing :o).

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Julian the Fonda

One of Julian's favourite pose currently is his aerobics pose. He does this to balance himself when he is just about to turn over from his tummy to his back.

Julian the Fonda
[Julian the Fonda]

If I Could Talk

Julian is 6 1/2 months old this week. While on his tummy, he seem to be able to change directions more easily now. We have also noticed him crouching like a resting cat. Sometimes, he seem to be almost crawling.

Tonight while having our
pink rice for dinner, we let Julian sit on his glider chair to play with his rattle and teether. After a while he started babbling and made lots of interesting expressions.

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
[Hear Ye! Hear Ye!]

This close!
[Oooff! We were this close to winning!]

I like your idea!
[I like your idea, young man... well done!]

Don't you understand?!?!
[Get them to redesign this product! Understand?!?!]

This big!
[It was this big! But it got away...]

Dinner Disaster

We were given a baby full-moon pack last weekend. We could not finish everything and so, we stored a couple of red hard-boiled eggs and a few "ang koos" in the freezer.

This evening, we decided to reheat the red hard-boiled eggs for dinner by steaming them in the rice cooker as the rice was cooking. Bad mistake...

Pink rice
[Pink Rice... *blush*]

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Meet Uncle Rashes!

Julian started having some rashes since last weekend (1 December 2007). It's quite bad on his cheeks while his nappy area had just a little bit. This is his first time meeting Uncle Rashes.

We don't quite know the cause. It's unlikely due to the solid food he's been taking because he's just taking rice cereal, and porridge with carrots and potatoes. Other possible causes - the "heat" (insufficient fluid intake with the solids?), or receiving too many kisses! :o).

Anyway, it seems to be subsiding a bit today.

[Rashes, rashes go away!]

Bedak Sejuk
[Julian with "bedak sejuk" (cooling rice powder) on his face]