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Friday, August 31, 2007

Julian at 3 months

Julian turned 3 months old on Tuesday (28 August 2007). He reveals something new to us everyday be it a cute or funny expression (which makes us laugh :o)) or something he can do. He seems to be able to turn over to his side now and we hope that he can turn completely from being on his back to his tummy soon :o).

We also made a trip to the clinic on Tuesday for his vaccination. He weighed in at 6.2kg (previously 5.5kg at 2 months), and is 60cm in length (previosuly 57cm).

Julian preoccupied
[Busy Baby: Julian preoccupied with finger-sucking, bolster-legging and phone-answering]

Julian's jab
[Julian jabbed again]

Saturday, August 25, 2007

PhotoHunt: Happy

This is our first
post. This weeks theme is "Happy". Since Julian has been smiling quite a lot lately, we couldn't think of a better photo to post than yet another one of him smiling :o).

[Julian: Happy...]

Carpet Craze

On Thursday (23 August 2007), we got ourselves a new carpet for the living room. It's roughly 6 feet by 8 feet and cost RM275 (50% off). It was on sale at Jusco Queensbay.

[A Larger Carpet: More reasons to sit on the floor...]

Our former living room carpet is now at the dining area walkway.

Friday, August 24, 2007


On Wednesday (22 August 2007), we "slaughtered" a "stinking" small 1.5kg chempedak, one of our favourite fruits. It was sweet and succulent... delicious. Cost us RM2.90.

[The Sacrificial Chempedak]

Open chempedak
[The slaughtered chempedak: Ready to be devoured...]

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Julian at 12 weeks

Julian is now 12 weeks old (2 3/4 months). He is smiling very often now and loves to babble. He's saying lots of "ah-woh", "huh-huh", "goo" and anything in between. He seems to be telling us what he dreamt of the night before or how his day was at the baby sitter's.

His head is more steady now and when he is upright, he doesn't really require us to prop his head. He has also started drooling a bit and he loves to suck his finger-flavoured fingers.

On the feeding front, Julian is currently about 90% on breast milk. At the baby sitter's, he takes about 2 feeds of expressed breask milk and 1 feed of formula. At home, he is practically fully breast fed.

He is due for his next immunisation appointment next week.

Julian on sofa
[Julian on the Sofa: Huggy, Tricks and Terry look on]

Julian on glider
[Julian on His Glider]

Julian wink
[A cheeky wink...]

Friday, August 17, 2007

Eighth Encounter

The 66th Catholic Engaged Encounter Weekend was held from 10-12 August 2007 at the College General, Penang. 21 couples attended the weekend. We were on the presenting team with Fr. Francis Andrew, and Patrick and Linette Hia. For Angie and I, this was our eight weekend presenting.

Patrick and Linette are from the Singapore Engaged Encounter Community. So, the Weekend was the first joint Singapore-Penang Weekend in recent history.

[Participants, presenters and supporting couples of EE66]

Friday, August 03, 2007

Ah Goo and Bunny

Julian has two favourite musical pull-string toys at the moment. Their names are Ah Goo the Colourful Cow (with the popular Brahms lullaby tune), and Bunny the Yellow Rabbit (with the "Rock-a-bye Baby" tune).

Julian with Ah Goo and Bunny
[Julian with Ah Goo and Bunny]

Julian's Jab

Julian had his second immunisation (after 2 months) on Monday (30 July 2007) at the Taman Tun Sardon government clinic. He weighed in at 5.5kg and was 57cm long. He is putting on a healthy amount of weight.

[Ouch!: Jabbed in the left thigh]