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Friday, April 29, 2005

The Dragon, the Fire and the Moth

Our dinner these few days have been purposely simple, i.e. one meat dish and fruits. Why? Because we have lots of fruits to finish off. We have/had bananas, starfruits, mangoes, jambu air (red and light green varieties), grapes, apples, custard apples (nona) and a dragon fruit. Today we devoured a whole dragon (fruit) :o)

[Delicious Dead Dragon: This one has purple blood...]

Many trees are now flowering, probably due to the dry weather. This is also the season for the 'burning' of the Flame of the Forest. USM has quite a number of them all over campus.

[Light up the fire, let the flame burn, open the door, let Jesus return...]

We had yet another winged visitor tonight. I think we take moths for granted. It is quite amazing to note the variety of patterns and shapes these fellows come in. Our previous visitors: here and here.

[Moth of the Month: Marty or Martina Moth]

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Pet-Sitting Weekend

"Come here, Xen Xen... come... Ji Ji give you mum mum... come-lah sayang, sweetheart oiii... makan-lah... afterwards Ji Ji take you walk-walk for you to owk owk okay?"

That was roughly something Angie would say to Xen Xen. Who's Xen Xen? Well, Xen Xen is the nickname for Vixen, the Tan family dog. Mummy and Papa were away in KL this weekend, and so we spent this weekend in Butterworth dog and chicken sitting. Chicken sit? Yes, 9 ayams serama.

[Tip of the Iceberg: Xen Xen says she gets char siew also]

[Avian Antics: Join me in my bucket?]

[The First National Chicken Conference: Roosters on the rostrum]

[Conference Chair-chicken Jailed: For organising the conference without a permit]

Fish-filled Fellowship

Last Monday (18 April 2005), we had a dinner gathering at Peter and Gladys Liew's place at Pearl Hill. First three things we noticed: (1) nice town house, (2) nice view, and (3) fish tank, fish tank and more fish tanks :o) The Liews have a passion for arowanas and things that swim. To arouse our appetite before dinner, Peter did something...

[The View from the Liews: View from Pearl Hill overlooking Lembah Permai]

[Privacy Violated: Oi! Apa tengok? Ada hutang ka?]

[Fish Grub: These wriggly crawlies cost a bomb...]

[Human Grub: Devilled curry with roti jala, German fried potatoes, fried noodles, spring roll, flat noodles with cabbage and mushroom stew, chocolate cake, and wine]

Saturday, April 16, 2005


Despite a busy work week, we were able to meet up with friends for dinner twice this week. The first was at the Golden BBQ Steamboat restaurant in Jalan Nagore. About 30 of us occupied the entire top floor, which was good so we won't be accused of disrupting other diner's enjoyment! There was a good variety of food, served buffet style. Bonus point: ice-cream! I should mention that there's a penalty for all those kiasu buffet patrons - RM5.00 for every 100gm of unfinished food.

[Golden BBQ Steambot: BBQ bedlam upstairs...]

[All Shapes and Sizes: But if you waste, you pay!]

Our second social activity was at home, where we invited two friends and their baby over. Menu of the day was Chicken in Mushroom sauce served with mashed potatoes and lotus root with carrot. Dessert was duo-politan ice-cream: chocolate chip (courtesy of our friends) and almond pecan praline. Baby was more fascinated with Huggy.

[Chicken in Mushroom Sauce]

On one of our shopping trips during the week, we decided to buy a carton of soya bean drink. In front of the shelf was a basket containing bop bags meant as free gift. Since the labelling on the bop bag had the same brand as the soya drink we bought, I decided to take one (have always wanted one of those!). We discovered on a second trip that the gift was meant for another product by the same manufacturer. Fortunately or unfortunately, the bop bag has come home with me and looks likely to stay :-)

[Bibbity-Bibbity-Bob: Not inflated yet...]

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Severe Side-Effects

We had guests over for dinner last week. We decided to do western, again. This time, it was sweet and sour black pepper chicken with broccoli and carrots served with Angie's 'secret recipe' mashed potatoes and cream of mushroom soup. Who did we have over for dinner? Err... let's keep them anonymous because our meal apparently caused severe side-effects...

[Sweet and Sour Black Pepper Chicken: Laced with...]

[... Behaviour (gender) altering drugs!]

Last week also saw strong and interesting natural phenomena. We had a really bad storm which did some damage over at Seberang Perai and also on the island. The moon was also up to something funny...

[Fooh! Try to outrun this one...]

[There's definitely a scientific explanation for this but I'd rather stay ignorant and be amused :o)]

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Goodbye Pope John Paul II

We shall miss a truly inspirational leader. May his soul rest in peace. Amen.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Corny Buns

Had a go at making buns again. This time it's crushed cornflakes with sesame seed buns. This time I added some 'additives' to, hopefully, make it stay soft a little longer.

[Corny Bun: Yet another way to eat cornflakes]

Earlier today at about 9.30am, I paid John a visit at his flat at Rifle Range to pass him some provisions. I got there a little too early for him as he was still asleep but music was coming from his radio. He must have left it turned on the whole night. So, my calling woke him up and mission still accomplished.

[Rifle Range Flats: Are things looking up?]

[Rifle Range Flats: Apparently not... *rotting rubbish pong*]

Mom and Dad... Happy Anniversary!

Yesterday (1 April 2005), was my Mom and Dad's 32nd Wedding Anniversary.

Mom and Dad... here's wishing you a Happy Anniversary and everlasting love, happiness, peace and good health.

[Mom and Dad: Having fun in the snow (in summer) somewhere in New Zealand]