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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Corny Buns

Had a go at making buns again. This time it's crushed cornflakes with sesame seed buns. This time I added some 'additives' to, hopefully, make it stay soft a little longer.

[Corny Bun: Yet another way to eat cornflakes]

Earlier today at about 9.30am, I paid John a visit at his flat at Rifle Range to pass him some provisions. I got there a little too early for him as he was still asleep but music was coming from his radio. He must have left it turned on the whole night. So, my calling woke him up and mission still accomplished.

[Rifle Range Flats: Are things looking up?]

[Rifle Range Flats: Apparently not... *rotting rubbish pong*]


5xmom said...

Bart, I got claustrophobia going to John's place. I don't mean to be mean but the other day when I was there, I felt like the whole building is closing down on me and the rats.....He speaks very fondly of Angie too.

Bart said...

5xmom: I guess the design of most flats in those days were like that. But I guess John doesn't really have much choice as he has a budget. His previous place at Sg. Pinang was better with a lower density of people.

Deng-ded! said...

An artistic shot of rifle range flats from the center court! Yup the place does look dirty and stinky... but if the residents won't do anything about it, then who will?

Bart said...

Deng-ded!: Actually, I think the residents have already gotten used to the smell. Perhaps, they're even immuned to certain bacteria and virus that lurk the corridors...