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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Julian at the Shop

Lately Julian's tactic of asking for something at a shop has been to ask if we have RMx. E.g. "Daddy/Mummy, do you have RMx?" (x being the price of the item he fancies). This would then be followed by "Can we buy xxx?" or something to that effect.

On 17 September 2013, Julian and I went to a shop for him to choose a 'reward'. He asked me "How much money do you have?" "RM5," I said. At one point, he looked longingly at some chocolates. I asked him if he wanted it. He said, "It costs RM4...then you'll only have RM1 left." When I repeated my question, he gave the chocs a thoughtful look and walked away. His final choice was a packet drink and a packet of biscuits (total cost: RM2.90).I really felt touched!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Bukit Merah Laketown Resort 2013

We did a repeat of our 2011 holiday to Bukit Merah Laketown Resort from 4-5 September 2013 with the same friends. The difference this time is that we had Jianna and our friends had their 2-year old daughter.

The first day saw us at the Waterpark. We visited the Ecopark on the second day. We did not go to the Orang Utan Island this time.

[The kids on the payloader, watched by Aileen]

[Jianna in the Lazy River]

[Justin having fun]

[Julian taming a crocodile in the Wave Pool]

[Jianna getting acquainted with the ducks]

[Justin fattening a couple of chickens]

[A family photo at the Ecopark. Photo credit: IC & WM]

We have had the privilege of visiting the resort during the off-peak season. With Julian starting primary school in 2014, any future visits would mean braving other school-holiday goers. Thanks to Aileen for yet another enjoyable stay.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Three On The Trolley!

Here are some recent photos of the kids.

[Our two superheroes]

[Double horsey]

[All lined up for trouble]

[Three on the trolley!]

Jianna at 17 Months

Jianna turned 17 months old on 30 August 2013. Here are some updates:
  • She now has 12 teeth.
  • She can now say "amen", and when asked "What's your name?" she'll respond "Yanna".
  • She's been eating quite a lot, sometimes as much as nearly a full Chinese rice bowl of rice with some meat and vegetables. For fruit, she loves bananas.
  • She's slowly taking a liking to books, especially her brothers' Thomas boardbooks.
[Jianna has started stacking]

[Jianna in a sarong]

[Jianna and Daddy on the organ]

[Jianna's ticket to ride!]

[Jianna scraped her nose after a fall on the road. Ouch!]

Julian at 75 Months

Julian turned 75 months old on 28 August 2013. He is progressing in his swimming with some doggy crawls.

[Julian on the computer]

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sedim Stayover

We had an overnight stay at Sungai Sedim Recreational Forest from 14-15 September 2013. This time we were with a group of friends. Similar to our trip last year, we stopped in Lunas for roast duck/pork lunch at Tan Kee coffee shop.

[Swollen river during the rainy season]

[Our room at the resort]

[Second go at the tree top walk]

[Family photo]

[Water fun in a side stream where it's not so swift] 

On the way home we stopped by a floating restaurant for lunch. The kids enjoyed feeding the fish :-)

[Kamunting Lakeview Restaurant]

Monday, September 16, 2013

Justin at 49 Months

Justin turned 49 months old on 25 August 2013. Here are some updates:
  • At bedtime, he often says he misses Ah Kong and Poh Poh.
  • In our apartment lift, he can now reach the button for the floor where we live.

[Justin enjoying a sundae cone]

[Justin pretending to play at the arcade]

In a recent trip back to Ipoh, we took a drive through Ipoh's Little India. As we drove past, we highlighted that there were many things Indian there such as Indian food, and Indian clothes. Justin appreciated the information and added, "... and Indian toys...".