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Monday, November 25, 2013

Kindy Concert 2013

The kids participated in their Kindy Concert on 23 November 2013. This year's theme was Fairy Tales by the Sea. It was also Julian's graduation. Jianna made her first stage appearance. 

[Justin's reaction to Jianna's stage appearance: "Why Jianna shame-shame?"]

[Julian as King Triton]

[Julian graduates from Kindy]

[Justin is a colourful fish]

Monday, November 11, 2013

Jianna at 19 Months

Jianna turned 19 months old on 30 October 2013. Here are some updates:
  • She's finally saying 'Mummy' instead of 'Mama'.
  • She can't make the 'k' sound yet, so we get 'tum' (come), 'tar' (car), etc.
  • She can now say 2-3 word phrases, e.g. "No! Toh toh! Muh murhs!" when she objects to her brothers watching other cartoons and insists they turn on Thomas and Friends.
  • We often tell her that she has to wait for her turn to watch Thomas on the computer so now she would say "Na-na turn!". When her brothers ignore her, she would source for 'reinforcement' by calling Mummy or Daddy to the computer, asking us to tell her brothers to show her Thomas.
  • She is now able to 'join' her brothers in play.
  • Her 15th tooth is coming out.
  • At home, she sometimes drinks milk from a cup with a straw. She's still breastfed most of the time.
  • She eats well at mealtimes. She likes rice/porridge with meat and vegetables. She doesn't fancy eggs, tofu or fish. Even food that has 'seafood' flavour, e.g. prawn stock, is likely to be rejected.
  • She insists on carrying her Spongebob bag and Mickey Mouse bookcase every time we go out.
  • She prefers to walk by herself more often now as opposed to being carried.
  • She can now generally sit in her car seat without fuss, especially for short journeys and around town. For the longer journey to Ipoh, she can stay in her car seat for about 1 hour before she starts fussing.
[Wrapped in Daddy's pants!]

[With Justin: Excited watching Thomas and Friends]

[Jianna the Engineer]

[Jianna on the go...taking a book phone call from Thomas]

[Cool babe] 

[Jianna and her bags]

Julian at 77 Months

Julian turned 77 months old on 28 October 2013. Here are some updates: He loves to teach Jianna how to talk. A typical lesson goes like this: Julian: Jianna, say "meat!" Jianna: Mitt! Julian: Say "pork!" Jianna: Pokk! Julian: Say "veggie!" Jianna: Ehgee!
  • He now seems to enjoy 'table-top' activities like colouring and doing workbooks.
  • He is now able to 'think of others'. For instance, when we ask him if he would like more of something (e.g. sausage) he would ask how many there are. If there's only one he would display sadness and hesitate to take it.
  • He likes being helpful. He would help fold some clothes, put his folded clothes away, bring things when asked, etc.
  • He is getting more and more independent - taking and doing things for himself :-)
[Julian allows Jianna to sit on him]

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Justin at 51 Months

Justin turned 51 months old on 25 October 2013. Here are some updates:
  • He is quite good at giving 'reasons' (excuses, maybe?) for incidents.
  • When we decline to buy him something, telling him that the thing is too expensive, he would say, "But I like expensive (toys, etc)."
  • He says he no longer misses Ah Kong and Poh Poh because we have put their photos on the wall next to his bed.
  • He often says he doesn't want to go to school, and that he only wants to go to school on fridays (especially when there's a birthday celebration).
  • He very often insists on Mummy taking him to school.
  • He still loves to play with trains and angry birds.
  • He no longer wants to be a pilot when he grows up. He used to copy Julian previously. He now wants to be a toy maker.
  • Seeing Julian getting Geronimo Stilton comics, he would also ask for other titles in the series.
Here are the faces of Justin: