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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Afternoon Art Walk

After lunch on 31 March 2013, we decided that we would be local tourists and visit a few of Georgetown's famous murals and wire art, in the sweltering afternoon heat.

[The petty trader on Prangin Lane]

[Little Children on a Bicycle on Armenian Street]

[Julian and Justin cooling down with an ice cream]

[The magician next to a bicycle shop on Armenian Street]

[The tiger on Armenian Street]

[Reaching Up (the chair is now missing) on Cannon Street]

[The large hole on Cannon Street]

[A mural of kids in an alley]

[Julian, Jianna, and Justin completing our afternoon walk]

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Mung Bean Project

Sometime in early February, Julian brought home from kindy some germinated mung beans (taugeh). Some cotton wool were used as the medium. This popular school science project normally does not go beyond this stage. So, I decided to plant the sprouts in a small pot of soil to see how they would turn out.

It was interesting to watch the sprouts grow into a little plant, and eventually see flowers emerge, and then form beans. It was very educational for the boys. We even took the plant back to school for the other kids to have a look.

The whole process took just over 2 months. At one point, the plant was attacked by many very tiny insects (probably aphids) causing tiny brown spots to appear on the leaves. We sprayed some water-based insecticide to save the plant. However, after bearing a harvest of about 8 pods, the plant whittered and died.

[Mung bean plant]

[Mung bean flower: Notice the diseased leaves (tiny brown spots)]

[Young mung bean pod]

[Ripe mung bean pods and beans]

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Jianna at 11 Months

Jianna turned 11 months old on 30(?) February 2013. Here are her updates:
  • Last month we forgot to record that she would protest when something is taken away from her. Now she even protests when she is not given something she wants.
  • Also missed out last month was that she can respond to her name.
  • Now, she can respond to the instruction 'give', when she is willing to give. When she doesn't want to give something up, she would hold the item closer to herself.
  • She can direct us to where she wants to go by stretching out her hand. She would make a specific sound to 'tell' us she wants an object that she sees but can't reach by herself.
  • She amused us by holding the handphone towards her ear, imitating our use of the phone :-)
  • she can say 'um' to indicate she wants to eat something.
  • She took her first steps (walking towards Mummy) on 10 February 2013, the first day of Chinese New Year! Hurray!
  • She now wants to join her brothers in play; she wants to have whatever toy they are playing with, and whenever Julian lies down on his tummy on the carpet, she would climb on top of his back for a ' horsey ride'.
  • She would demand for a share of any goodies her brothers get.
  • Her 3rd and 4th top incisors have erupted. The bottom left incisor seems contented to still stay just below the surface of the gum.

[Jianna: Baby in the Basin]

[Jianna: Diet books are delicious]

[Jianna's baby recital]

[Jianna: "Hellooo?!"]

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Julian at 69 Months

Julian turned 69 months old on 28 February 2013. Here are his updates:
  • He now frequently retorts/argues back when we chide him about something.
  • He takes almost forever to finish his homework especially when it involves repetitive writing, more so when it is Chinese.
["Father" Julian singing the Doxology] 

[Julian at Ah Kong's and Poh Poh's letterbox]

[Julian doing the dishes]

[Julian at Pantai Bersih, Butterworth]

Justin at 43 Months

Justin turned 43 months old on 25 February 2013. Here are his updates:
  • He's very good at coming up with excuses/reasons for all sorts of situations to justify his action/words.
  • Diet-wise, he's still a picky eater - only eats rice with 'brown' sauce and 'white egg'. Recently he's always saying he's not hungry at meal times, but often ends up finishing the food anyway, with Bart feeding him. Hmmm...wonder if it's a ploy to not eat by himself!
Justin likes watching Wonder Pets. In one episode, the Wonder Pets save the armadillo.
Justin: When the armadillo is scared, it becomes a ball!
Mummy: What happens when it's not scared any more?
Justin: Then it becomes an armadillo again!

[Justin and Grandpa]

[Justin at Pantai Bersih, Butterworth]

[Justin enjoying an ice-cream]