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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Jianna at 11 Months

Jianna turned 11 months old on 30(?) February 2013. Here are her updates:
  • Last month we forgot to record that she would protest when something is taken away from her. Now she even protests when she is not given something she wants.
  • Also missed out last month was that she can respond to her name.
  • Now, she can respond to the instruction 'give', when she is willing to give. When she doesn't want to give something up, she would hold the item closer to herself.
  • She can direct us to where she wants to go by stretching out her hand. She would make a specific sound to 'tell' us she wants an object that she sees but can't reach by herself.
  • She amused us by holding the handphone towards her ear, imitating our use of the phone :-)
  • she can say 'um' to indicate she wants to eat something.
  • She took her first steps (walking towards Mummy) on 10 February 2013, the first day of Chinese New Year! Hurray!
  • She now wants to join her brothers in play; she wants to have whatever toy they are playing with, and whenever Julian lies down on his tummy on the carpet, she would climb on top of his back for a ' horsey ride'.
  • She would demand for a share of any goodies her brothers get.
  • Her 3rd and 4th top incisors have erupted. The bottom left incisor seems contented to still stay just below the surface of the gum.

[Jianna: Baby in the Basin]

[Jianna: Diet books are delicious]

[Jianna's baby recital]

[Jianna: "Hellooo?!"]

1 comment:

Joyce said...

Oooh ... She's a cutie!! And very inquisitive eyes too!