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Friday, June 20, 2014

Justin at 58 Months

Justin turned 58 months old on 25 May 2014. Here are some updates:
  • In addition to his love for drawing, he loves making lists and creating 'puzzles'. His lists could be things to do or things to bring for an activity.
  • He continues to be very fussy about things. He would get very upset if his things were somehow 'disturbed', or when he asks us to do something and it was not done in the way he envisioned it to be done.
[Justin cool about cereals]

[Justin takes his sauce seriously]

[Justin on the Wawasan Open University grounds]

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Justin's Zoo Come True

On 18 May 2014 we took the kids to the Taiping Zoo.

As usual, we took the train ride round the zoo and the kids enjoyed seeing the animals. Then we walked so the kids could a closer look at the animals. Since the train ride fare is already included in the entrance ticket, we took the train again to get to the exit :-)

We were lucky that it only started to rain when we were almost leaving. The kids came home with an Angry Bird balloon each as souvenir from the zoo.

This visit was actually upon the request of Justin. He even brought along a plastic film camera loaded with pretend paper photos inside. When we put together the idea of the zoo, camera, and balloons, we realised that Justin was realising what he saw in a Charlie and Lola cartoon episode *shakes head*.

[All aboard!]

[Jianna at the Taiping Zoo]

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