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Sunday, February 25, 2007

A Trip Up North (Part 2)

Friday (16 Feb 2007) saw us visiting the famous terusan Wan Mat Saman. After much searching, we found the irrigation canal which really looked nothing more than a monsoon drain! Still, it played an important part in the state's economy :-)

[The famed terusan Wan Mat Saman]

Next we headed for the Paddy Museum near Gunung Keriang. Interesting place with a revolving gallery where you can view a huge 360-degree mural of paddy planting activities.

[Paddy Museum]

After lunch we headed home, stopping on the way in Gurun, at the foot of Gunung Jerai, to sample nira nipah. Smells a bit like todddy but not as strong in taste. Reasonably pleasant and sweet.

[Nira Nipah]

A Trip Up North (Part 1)

A Trip Up North (Part 1)
On the Thursday and Friday before the Chinese New Year holidays (15-16 Feb) we decided to have a short holiday up north. We left on Thursday morning and drove to Lembah Bujang to visit the archaeological museum and its 'candi's. It was fascinating. There, too, we had a short botany lesson (see picture) :-)

[One of the candis in Lembah Bujang]

Petai Flower
[Botany lesson: Guess what this is (put the mouse pointer over the picture to find out)]

Then we drove along the coastal road taking in the kampung scenery, stopping in Yan for lunch. From there, we headed via Guar Chempedak to our planned destination - Alor Setar. After a rest, we went out for tea at Pekan Rabu. We enjoyed nasi lemak, kuih bahulu and curry puff, all at a very reasonable price. Pekan Rabu is like a bazaar, selling lots of clothes, handicraft and local delicacies. Being the eaters that we are, we focused on the food. We left with some rempeyek and a knotted fried snack, for which we do not know the name. We're currently enjoying these goodies on top of the new year cookies :-)

[Bart among the handicraft in Pekan Rabu]

Next we headed for Kuala Kedah which is reputed for its seafood. Since we had just had tea, we first visited the fort, Kota Kuala Kedah. Then it was makan time. Tried some pulut sambai (very good). Part 1 of dinner was prawns and soft shelled crabs with fried bee hoon. Part 2 was laksa and satay.

[Pulut Sambai]

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Papa Pizza

We finally tasted Papa Pizza today. We had a set meal consisting of mushroom soup for 2 (which comes with garlic bread), garlic toast with parmesan, pizza and a soft drink. Review: very good. We didn't know the soup came with garlic bread when we ordered otherwise we might have opted for the cinnamon sugar stick instead of the garlic parmesan. Nonetheless, it tasted good. Will seriously consider trying the cinnamon sugar sticks and other pizza varieties.

[Meat Crazy Pizza: A carnivore's delight :-)]

Papa Pizza is located along Jalan Tanjung Bungah, opposite Copthorne Orchid Hotel.

Mom's Birthday

Mom celebrated her birthday earlier this month. For the birthday dinner, we ate at Pony and Friends at the Lakeside Plaza by the Bukit Jambul lake. Then we adjourned to Niq's place for the cake cutting ceremony.

[Mom blowing the candles of her birthday cake with some help from Gabriel]

Friday, February 16, 2007

Oink! Oink! To You

Oink! Oink! has caught up with Woof! Woof! We're quite stressed because whether it is Oink! Oink! or Woof! Woof! or Kok Kok Kai! or what ever, it means having to face the traffic, the people, the pigs, the dogs, the cows and all the monkeys telling cock and bull stories! (Just joking, ya... trying to put some zodiac animals in one sentence) :o)

Angie, Baby and I wish you a Prosperous, Happy, Safe and Stress-free (hopefully) Chinese New Year! Roast pork anyone?

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Banana Chocolate Chip Loaf

Last Wednesday (8 February 2007), we were in our baking mood again. This time our baking project was a banana and chocolate chip loaf. It was a new recipe for us and boy, were we pleased! Very moist and the taste was really fantastic!

[A cake to go bananas over]

Brasil 68

Last Sunday (4 February 2007), we had dinner at Brasil 68 with a group of friends who were once our dancing 'kaki's. They served buffet in a slightly different manner. The main barbecue meat/fish dishes were brought to the table still in its skewer by waiters. They would slice portions for you. Cost: RM75.00.

We opted for the a la carte menu and shared a barbecue chicken (RM35) and a seafood gratin (RM25). Review: quite good.

Apparently you can have salsa dancing lessons on Sunday evenings. Unfortunately, we were a little too late for it...

[Barbecue chicken at Brasil 68]

[Seafood gratin served in a pineapple]

[Monkey-ing around after dinner]

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Solid Rock

Last Saturday (3 February 2007), we enjoyed dinner at Solid Rock Cafe at Lintang Burma, Pulau Tikus (turn in at the Kassim Mustafa restaurant junction). They serve western food. Prices are reasonable (add RM5 to a main dish and you'll get a set meal), portions are generous and the environment is cosy. During weekends from 8-10pm, there's live band music.

[Solid Rock Cafe]

[Cheesy Chicken: RM14.90]

[Baked Fish: RM15.90]

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Baby On The Way

We are happy to announce that we're expecting our first baby! Baby is most likely coming in early June, which means baby is currently 23 weeks old.

Baby has been extremely good. Baby did not cause mummy any morning sickness and is not demanding any particular diet (fortunately for daddy!). Baby is now mildly active, sommersaulting once in a while but never when daddy tries to feel baby. Baby is shy... ;-)

Don't ask us baby's gender. We don't know either and we don't want to know yet. Guess we'll all have to wait until June... (any punters out there?)

[Daddy & Mummy at 21 weeks]

[Daddy & Mummy at 23 weeks]

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Chew City Laksa Curry

This afternoon, we had lunch at Chew City Cafe near the Esso petrol station on Jalan Sungai Kelian, Hillside, Tanjung Bungah. There is a stall selling, both, laksa and curry noodles. So, we asked for the soup to be mixed. It tastes mainly like curry noodles but with a delicate sourish laksa taste. Very nice :o). Two bowls of noodles and two glasses of iced barley drink cost RM6.60.

[Chew City Cafe]

[Mixed Laksa Curry: This is after we stirred up all the ingredients... we asked for the infamous curdled pig's blood to be excluded]

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Music Sprouts

After started watering the music tree can last Saturday, the seed sprouted today.

[Music sprouts]

Another happy news: Angie completed her exam script-marking today. Yay!