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Sunday, February 25, 2007

A Trip Up North (Part 1)

A Trip Up North (Part 1)
On the Thursday and Friday before the Chinese New Year holidays (15-16 Feb) we decided to have a short holiday up north. We left on Thursday morning and drove to Lembah Bujang to visit the archaeological museum and its 'candi's. It was fascinating. There, too, we had a short botany lesson (see picture) :-)

[One of the candis in Lembah Bujang]

Petai Flower
[Botany lesson: Guess what this is (put the mouse pointer over the picture to find out)]

Then we drove along the coastal road taking in the kampung scenery, stopping in Yan for lunch. From there, we headed via Guar Chempedak to our planned destination - Alor Setar. After a rest, we went out for tea at Pekan Rabu. We enjoyed nasi lemak, kuih bahulu and curry puff, all at a very reasonable price. Pekan Rabu is like a bazaar, selling lots of clothes, handicraft and local delicacies. Being the eaters that we are, we focused on the food. We left with some rempeyek and a knotted fried snack, for which we do not know the name. We're currently enjoying these goodies on top of the new year cookies :-)

[Bart among the handicraft in Pekan Rabu]

Next we headed for Kuala Kedah which is reputed for its seafood. Since we had just had tea, we first visited the fort, Kota Kuala Kedah. Then it was makan time. Tried some pulut sambai (very good). Part 1 of dinner was prawns and soft shelled crabs with fried bee hoon. Part 2 was laksa and satay.

[Pulut Sambai]

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