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Sunday, February 04, 2007


Baby On The Way

We are happy to announce that we're expecting our first baby! Baby is most likely coming in early June, which means baby is currently 23 weeks old.

Baby has been extremely good. Baby did not cause mummy any morning sickness and is not demanding any particular diet (fortunately for daddy!). Baby is now mildly active, sommersaulting once in a while but never when daddy tries to feel baby. Baby is shy... ;-)

Don't ask us baby's gender. We don't know either and we don't want to know yet. Guess we'll all have to wait until June... (any punters out there?)

[Daddy & Mummy at 21 weeks]

[Daddy & Mummy at 23 weeks]

Congrats.. Bart and Angie..!!! i was just thinking about when you two are gonna have a baby a few weeks ago.. hahahhhaa!!
Happy for both of you .. for i know you will be great parents..!!

Boy or girl, she/he will be a genius!

Take care for mommy..and take good care of mommy for daddy ;)
Congratulations to the 3 of you!
Didn't see you two for a while and suddenly baby so big liao. Hahaha, congrats again.
Well, it's about time we saw pictures of the bump! Congratulations!! Very happy for the both of you and I hope the rest of the gestation and the delivery goes smooth!

Sharon in Singapore!
Congratulations!!! Enjoy every little somersault and the rollercoaster ride coming up =)
Congrats Bart & Angie! Life is just about to get much more interesting... hehehe!

Booked a confinement lady yet?
Congratulations! Sooo happy for you guys :) BTW, I'm also an early June baby, hehehe :)
Congratulations to you both!!
Thank you all for all your well wishes. Will provide updates from time to time :o) From: Bart & Angie
Congrats Bart and Angie. Was wondering too this evening when we met you at church after mass.
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