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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Jianna at 18 Months

Jianna turned 18 months old on 30 September 2013. She had her immunisation at the clinic. Her current weight and height are 9kg and 78cm. Here are some updates:
  • She now has 14 teeth.
  • Since a few months ago she has been expressing her choice of clothes to wear whenever the opportunity arises. She particularly hates changing into her pyjamas. We suspect it could be because she feels hot in it since it's long-sleeved.
  • She can identify the trains Thomas, James, Percy and Toby. She can say "more-more" (Thomas), "Bee" (Toby) and "Dee" (James).
  • She can call her aunts "Ee" (Tua Ee & Gee Ee).
  • She likes watching the computer with her brothers.
[Jianna loves water]

[Doing homework on the floor?]

[Jianna feeling "urgent"]

[Lazing around]

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Julian at 76 Months

Julian turned 76 months old on 28 September 2013. Here are some updates:
  • He can now bathe and dry himself up.
  • He has started eating some vegetables, especially crunchy ones, e.g. carrots, long beans, corn and peas.
  • For his swimming lesson, he has started to learn how to do the breast-stroke kick.
  • He is hooked on Geronimo Stilton graphic novels (comics). Must introduce him to the story books.
[Julian playing in a stream]

[Julian floating on his back]

[Julian doing a Pee-Wee Herman impression]

[Julian and his tongue]

[Julian doing his homework]

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Justin and Bart Charlied!

On 16 September 2013, we met up with Niq and family for lunch in Balik Pulau. As Justin alighted from the car, we noticed a pinkish streak below his right eye. We assumed it was a scratch mark and thought nothing of it. The next day however, it turned into an inflammation and blisters appeared. We also found a similar streak on his hand. The doctor said it was caused by "Charlie" a.k.a. a rove beetle. He must have squished the insect as he brushed his hands across his face.

[Day 2: Inflamation and blisters started to appear]

[Day 5: Blisters on the face have raptured and scabs formed]

[Day 5: Affected area on the hand]

It took about 2 weeks for the inflammation to subside and the scabs to start coming off. Now, nearly 4 weeks later, there's still a faint blotch mark on his face. Some scab on his hand has yet to come off.

Sometime in May 2013, I had an earlier encounter with a rove beetle but on my leg. There was the tell-tale mirror marks and I must have squished the insect when I bent my knees.

[Bart's rove beetle marks on the leg]

Justin at 50 Months

Justin turned 50 months old on 25 September 2013. Here are some recent photos of him.


[Justin enjoying a swim]

[Justin having a splash]

[Justin the Snake]

[Justin the fashion photographer]

[Justin hiding out in the playroom]

[Justin taking a tumble]

[Justin with the helicopter Ah Kong bought]