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Friday, March 28, 2014

Jianna at 23 Months

Jianna turned 23 months old on 28 February 2014. Here are some updates:
  • She can sing quite a few songs she learnt at school almost completely, except for a few words dropped here and there.
  • She communicates in almost full sentences and in a conversation manner now, although her articulation is still not crisp.
  • Due to her lack of articulation, sometimes we may not understand what she says correctly. She would 'correct' us, and can even show 'frustration' when we still don't get it after she repeats several times. E.g. Jianna says, "tar". This could be 'star' or 'car'. If we guess wrongly, she would say 'no' until we get it right. Then she would say 'ya' or 'hmm'.
  • She likes doing things independently.
  • Recently she would sometimes call us 'Teacher Mummy' and 'Teacher Daddy'.

[Jianna at the pool]

Julian at 81 Months

Julian turned 81 months old on 28 February 2014. He has adjusted well to the school-day routine, including one-to-one tuition thrice a week. We have resorted to engaging a tutor because we ourselves have limited command of Mandarin.

[No entry!]

[Puzzles keep him occupied while waiting for food to be served at a restaurant]

Friday, March 21, 2014

Justin at 55 Months

Justin turned 55 months old on 25 February 2014.
  • His teachers reported him squinting in school so we took him for an eye check. Like Julian, he has astigmatism and now wears glasses for school and watching TV or when on the computer.
  • He loves to write checklists of items to play or objects as well as short notes.
[Justin now wears glasses]

Jianna at 22 Months

Jianna turned 22 months old on 30 January 2014. Here are some updates:
  • She's getting more and more assertive. She wants things done her way.
  • She can retaliate by biting or digging her nails into her 'aggressor'.
  • She's picked up two 'taunt' phrases, likely from school - "hoh, hoh, I donno" and "neh neh neh poo poot".
  • She's getting more attached or fond of her brothers.

[Jianna loves the swing]

[Gimme ten!]

[Jianna likes colouring]

Julian at 80 Months

Julian turned 80 months old on 28 January 2014. Here are some updates:
  • He had an eye check at school and we were advised to take him to the optometrist. He has astigmatism and now wears glasses for school and reading. He seems to like wearing his glasses.
  • He enjoys letter correspondence.
[Julian now wears glasses]

[Carrot for better eyesight?]

Justin at 54 Months

Justin turned 54 months old on 25 January 2014. We have noticed that he is getting more and more imaginative when playing with toys. Here are a couple of recent photos.

[Justin loves plasticine]

[Justin bedroom camping]

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Visit to the Horse Stables

We visited Countryside Stables in Balik Pulau on 16 March 2014.

Entrance fee was RM5 for adults and RM3 for children. Entrance fee is redeemable against the horse ride price (RM25 adults, RM20 children).

Not a big area but there were horses, ponies, donkeys and deer. The children had the experience of touching and feeding the horses. They were a bit apprehensive and most certainly didn't like the horse's saliva in their hand! :-D

Julian eagerly went for his first horse ride but Justin preferred to look at the horses from a distance. He wouldn't even go near a horse for a photo! Jianna was keen to go for a horse ride when she saw big brother Julian on his ride, but she didn't want to sit on the horse (small one) by herself so we abandoned the idea.

Overall, it was a fun outing for the family

[Countryside Stable]

[Little pony for Daddy's little girl]

[Julian on his first horse ride]

[Yee Haw!]

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Julian Starts Primary 1

Julian started Primary 1 on Thursday, 2 January 2014. He is in a Chinese school. We attended the Orientation on 30 December 2013. First day of school went well. In the first week of school he had his up and down days, but he settled in within the fortnight. Given his language handicap, we feel his progress in the first 2 months is quite encouraging.

[Julian all ready for school]