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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Julian at 5 Months

Julian turned 5 months on Sunday (28 October 2007). His grip on things is firmer now so he's able to put things in his mouth for a longer period ;-)

Julian's teether
[Julian and his teether]

He had an appointment with Auntie Nurse yesterday for a check-up and a jab. He now weighs 7.2kg (at 4 months he was 6.8kg), and is now 67cm in length (at 3 months he was 60cm).

Gym #1
[Julian and his gym]

Gym #2
[Julian and his yet another gym]

Hold toes
[Julian holding his toes]

Pay the Postie

You may already realise that we are now Posties for PayPerPost. Our post on the air ambulance service was our first post. It has since been approved and we are just waiting to get paid... *money eyes* *blink blink*

We learnt about PayPerPost from reading other blogger friends' sponsored posts. It sounded like an interesting business model. After hearing that they earn money in the process, we kinda got "itchy". "Why not give it a try", we thought. After all, we've got nothing to loose right? We still have our day-jobs. Earning some extra while indulging in our blogging hobby only makes it more fun.

What's so great about
  • It's fun! Some posting opportunities are real interesting eye openers.
  • It allows you to be creative! It puts you in the shoes of the advertising people. It gives you the experience of writing catchy ads.
  • You get paid! In US Dollars mind you :o)
When you sign up for PayPerPost, you can respond to "opportunities" (topics/products/services) provided by the sponsors. When you see an opportunity that you can write about and you like the amount being offered, you then make a reservation. After writing your blog post about the opportunity and submitting details about your post, the post then enters an evaluation phase. When your post is approved, then it's good news because after a stipulated time period, you get paid :o). Easy!

What are we going to do with the money? Well, we don't expect to be millionaires but a few US Dollars *convert, convert* goes a long way to pay for a nice fancy dinner once in a while, or to buy clothes and toys for Julian. Yes, the fact that it's "extra" money makes it fun!

We don't know if we'll ever go PayPerPost Direct. This is another mode where we get to determine the price a sponsor has to pay us for writing. Hmm... we'll see how our regular posting goes first :o).

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Cake for Bunnies

Some weeks back (3 October 2007) I found the opportunity to indulge in another baking project. This time it was a carrot cake. I was quite surprised at how simple it was to make. The cake was successful but it got 'downgraded' as a result of my experiment with the topping. Thought I would skip the regular cream cheese topping and try a lemon icing glace since we had a lemon lying around. Bad idea. Or maybe I poured in too much lemon juice. We ended up eating carrot cake with vitamin C!

Baking is a luxury these days... so is blogging.

Carrot cake
[Vitamin C-rich carrot cake]

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ant Attack

We had an ant problem in our bedroom last week which saw ants coming from 2 or 3 different nests zooming in on Julian's milk-stained linen. They were even all over a rosary we placed on our bed - talk about "holy ants". We slept in the living room for 2 nights.

The solution? We bought a small sachet of ant poison from the mini market and we sprinkled the granules (they looked like biscuit crumbs) at three or four locations where the ants were running around.

The ants seem to love those granules. They don't die immediately though. Something happens to them after half a day or so. The ants never returned to finish off the rest of the crumbs.

[The ants enjoying their last meal]

By the way,
Lucia blogged about Malam Bangsa Malaysia which will be held in Penang. For details, please visit this link.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Suri Yothai

Last Tuesday (16 October 2007), we had dinner at a Thai restaurant called Suri Yothai in Gelugor. If you're coming from the Penang Bridge heading towards Greenlane, it's on the left side of the road somewhere between Maybank and the Mobil petrol station.

The restaurant's interior was clean and comfortable but a little noisy because of the traffic on the main road.

Food wise, it's not too bad and the price is about the same as other Thai restaurants in Penang. We tried sambal kangkong (RM5.80), fried curry powder squid (RM8.80), and red curry chicken (RM9.80).

Suri Yothai
[Suri Yothai Restaurant]

[Cucumber and Long Beans with Sambal Dip]

Fried Curry Powder Squid
[Fried Curry Powder Squid]

Sambal Kangkong
[Sambal Kangkong]

Red Curry Chicken
[Red Curry Chicken]

Monday, October 22, 2007

Air Ambulance Anyone?

We are all aware of ambulance services run by various hospitals and organisations (such as Civil Defence or St. John's Ambulance). The vehicle of choice for these services is the humble van. We have also heard of special cases where helicopters were used to ferry patients from remote locations or for urgent emergency cases. These were usually "mercy flights" by the air force.

We noted with interest that a private company like exists. What is more interesting is that they are using the internet to make their services known. They must be targeting a niche market :o). Well, they have been doing this for more than 21 years, and this in the US where air services are popular.

Instead of using helicopters, this air ambulance service uses Lear Jets and turbo prop planes for their services and these planes are well-equipped. A nurse even accompanies the patient on the journey. Travelling to a hospital can't be more comfortable.

It'll only a matter of time when patients, not only in the US but around the world, especially those located near airports would take advantage of such services. Perhaps it'll also be a matter of time when such services become more affordable. Perhaps, they'll expand to include helicopters too :o).

Friday, October 19, 2007

Julian at 21 Weeks

Julian is 21 weeks old (4 1/2 months old) this week. He can now turn over on his tummy with ease. While on his tummy, he likes to "sky-dive", rest on his elbows, or "tummy crawl". He tummy crawls by lifting his buttock and sliding his head forward. He is mobile at last... and dangerous too. After he is tired being on his tummy, he either calls for help (more often) or flips back on his tummy by himself (sometimes).

He used to laugh when we made a roaring sound. Then at one time, he laughed when we made a "woo-hoo!" sound. The latest "key" to make him laugh is to make an exaggerated coughing or laughing sound. Hmm... a constant experiment :o).

[Julian's new hobby: Sky-diving]

Resting on elbow
[Julian taking a break]

Tummy crawl start
[Julian tummy crawling: Gathering momentum...]

Tummy crawl end
[Julian tummy crawling: Taa daa!!]

Really Raya

The first day (13 October 2007) of the Hari Raya Aidil Fitri celebrations saw us at two open-houses.

Our first stop was at a colleague's place in Alma, Bukit Mertajam for lunch. We had tomato rice, chicken curry, vegetables and an interesting mutton rendang. During this visit, Julian received his first ever "duit raya" :o).

Later in the evening saw us driving up to Penaga to visit a former colleague of Angie's. Here we had rice vermicelli (bee hoon) in chicken and beef soup.

Duit Raya
[Julian's "Duit Raya"]

[Angie and her former colleague's giant stuffed bear: Recognise the bear?]

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Chilling Out in Cameron Highlands

We were up in Cameron Highlands from 5-7 October 2007. It was Julian's first holiday! Weather was cool but rather wet.

We stayed at Heritage Hotel in Tanah Rata. They had a Ramadan promotion and it cost us RM168 nett per night with breakfast and dinner for two. On the first night we had steamboat, and on the second night we had western set dinner. The room was clean and spacious although the overall physical state of the hotel is a little bit old.

Friday saw us walking along the main road of Tanah Rata after checking in at the hotel. After our steamboat dinner, we had wanted to visit the night market at Brinchang but Julian was not in the mood. He was fretting and wouldn't keep still in his car seat - something rather unusual. So, we headed back to the hotel for the night.

On Saturday morning, we visited the Bharat Tea shop between Tanah Rata and Ringlet. It's a nice place to enjoy the view while we shared a carrot cake (RM4) and a cup of tea (RM3). Next we headed to Kea Farm where we bought some very sweet corn (those with yellow and white kernels), strawberries, and tamarillos (buah cinta). We then had lunch at Palm Leaf Garden Cafe located just outside the porch of Rosa Passadena Hotel in Brinchang. They serve a variety of Chinese, Thai, and western cuisine at very reasonable prices. It was raining and very misty in the afternoon. At night, we had to skip the night market yet again because it was drizzling.

Bharat Tea Shop
[The View from the Bharat Tea Shop]

Basil and Chilly Chicken
[Chicken cooked with basil and chillies at Palm Leaf Garden Cafe]

We visited the Agro Tourism Park and Big Red Strawberry Farm (next to Cactus Valley) in Brinchang on Sunday morning before checking out of the hotel. Before heading down, we stopped at Palm Leaf Garden Cafe again for lunch.

[Orchids at the Agro Tourism Park]

[Vegetables at the Agro Tourism Park]

We arrive home at 5.15pm in time to catch the 6pm mass at the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Pulau Tikus. It was an enjoyable trip. It was a different experience as we now have Julian along. Looking forward to more holidays together :o).

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Summer Cafe

We had set lunch at Summer Cafe at i-Avenue, Bukit Jambul today. This was our second visit there.

We had the rice with Thai Sytle Chicken Gravy set, and the rice with Cheese Seafood Omelette. Each set comes with a piece of fish cake, a drink (we chose iced lemon tea and hot peach tea), and one scoop of ice-cream for dessert. The price was RM10.90 per set.

Rice with Thai Style Chicken Gravy
[Rice with Thai Style Chicken Gravy: One of their signature dishes]

Rice with Cheese Seafood Omelette
[Rice with Cheese Seafood Omelette]

Fish Cake
[Fish Cake: A side dish]

PhotoHunt: Original

This week's
theme is "Original". This is rather late but better late than never.

The photo shows four original CDs in our small collection. They are (clockwise from top-left) (1) Missa De Angelis, (2) Brahm's Symphony No. 1 in C minor by the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra, (3) The Most Fabulous Classical Christmas Album Ever!, and (4) Lovely Baby Magic Vol. 1 by Raimond Lap.

Original CDs
[Original CDs]

Monday, October 01, 2007

Zapped Zipper

Angie sent me to work this morning as her car is still at the workshop for a paint job.

Shortly after arriving at the office, I went to the washroom. It was then I noticed my pant's zipper was stuck. After applying some (brute) force, it managed to unzip.

After relieving myself and washing up, I discovered to my horror that my zipper was zipping only one row of zipper "teeth" - I had accidentally "derailed" the zipper while trying to unzip it earlier.

I desparately assessed the situation and my best alternative was to call Angie. Fortunately, she was dropping Julian off at the baby sitter's place and she was still there before heading off to work. So, she managed to swing by the apartment to fetch me another pair of pants.

Thank God my little predicament ended the way it did. Only God knows what would have happened if Angie was already halfway to work.

What would you have done in my situation? :o)