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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Chilling Out in Cameron Highlands

We were up in Cameron Highlands from 5-7 October 2007. It was Julian's first holiday! Weather was cool but rather wet.

We stayed at Heritage Hotel in Tanah Rata. They had a Ramadan promotion and it cost us RM168 nett per night with breakfast and dinner for two. On the first night we had steamboat, and on the second night we had western set dinner. The room was clean and spacious although the overall physical state of the hotel is a little bit old.

Friday saw us walking along the main road of Tanah Rata after checking in at the hotel. After our steamboat dinner, we had wanted to visit the night market at Brinchang but Julian was not in the mood. He was fretting and wouldn't keep still in his car seat - something rather unusual. So, we headed back to the hotel for the night.

On Saturday morning, we visited the Bharat Tea shop between Tanah Rata and Ringlet. It's a nice place to enjoy the view while we shared a carrot cake (RM4) and a cup of tea (RM3). Next we headed to Kea Farm where we bought some very sweet corn (those with yellow and white kernels), strawberries, and tamarillos (buah cinta). We then had lunch at Palm Leaf Garden Cafe located just outside the porch of Rosa Passadena Hotel in Brinchang. They serve a variety of Chinese, Thai, and western cuisine at very reasonable prices. It was raining and very misty in the afternoon. At night, we had to skip the night market yet again because it was drizzling.

Bharat Tea Shop
[The View from the Bharat Tea Shop]

Basil and Chilly Chicken
[Chicken cooked with basil and chillies at Palm Leaf Garden Cafe]

We visited the Agro Tourism Park and Big Red Strawberry Farm (next to Cactus Valley) in Brinchang on Sunday morning before checking out of the hotel. Before heading down, we stopped at Palm Leaf Garden Cafe again for lunch.

[Orchids at the Agro Tourism Park]

[Vegetables at the Agro Tourism Park]

We arrive home at 5.15pm in time to catch the 6pm mass at the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Pulau Tikus. It was an enjoyable trip. It was a different experience as we now have Julian along. Looking forward to more holidays together :o).


1+2mom said...

thanks for dropping by to my blog :)

wow..bring along with so young baby to Cameron i dun think i can do it.Cause i'll get seasick all the way to Cameron, till now still havent bring them up to that hill. But i was a nice place and nice weather.

mama bok said...

It's good to start them young for travelling.. else cannot go nowhere..! Julian is really growing.. and both you and bart .. looks so happy..! donch forget to get some wonderful family pictures.. ya.. :)

Nee Shen said...

Did you try the tea and scones in the Agro park? Theirs is cheaper and better than the Bharat Tea cafe. The Agro park ice cream sundae and stuff are also nice.

Bart said...

1+2mom: The Simpang Pulai route to Camerons is not too bad :o).

mama bok: I can't agree with you more about travelling with babies :O).

Nee Shen: We were at the Agro Park just after breakfast and weren't hungry. We were actually hoping to try scones and pies at T-Cafe but that didn't materialise this time either.