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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Jianna at 3 Months

Jianna was 3 months old on 30 June 2012. Her clinic visit was on 4 July 2012. She now weighs 6.3kg and is 60cm long. Her head circumference is now 40cm. She was also given her vaccination.

Here are her updates:
  • She's still sleeping most of the day. At night she seems to be able to sleep for longer durations as well, taking less night feeds.
  • Lately she's been able to fall asleep on her own at night at about 9.00pm after we change her for the night.
  • She's still fully on breast milk. She drinks 2-2.5oz per feed at day care. She normally takes 4 feeds there. We've noticed that she doesn't drink much in the morning. Sometimes only half an ounce the whole morning. Then after noon, she will start drinking 'properly'. We don't give her the bottle whenever mummy is around.
  • On 24 June 2012 we saw Jianna turning fluidly onto her tummy :-) Her hand was still somewhat trapped, though :-) We've caught her turning almost onto her tummy two or three times before then.
  • She's very lucky to have two brothers who love her. They constantly tussle to be nearest to her and often 'sayang' her.

[Jianna's knitted booties]


[Jianna in a dress]

[Jianna spotting a milk rash]


Julian at 61 Months

Julian is now 61 months (28 June 2012).

Here are his updates:
  • He continues to be curious about the world around him. He shows interest in experiments, e.g. what floats on or sinks in water.
  • He likes to imitate the characters in the shows he watches on the computer. We can never tell what would fascinate him. Sometimes he imitates the 'naughty' characters (that really drives us mad!). At the moment he's imitating a magician named Julian :-)
  • He would often irritate Justin by taunting him. An argument of sorts would ensue and often Julian would end up crying because Justin would protest and retaliate by beating, pinching, or biting him. Sometimes he doesn't learn... or maybe it's just how their brotherly relationship is!
  • He finally discovered the cafĂ© au lait spot (birthmark) on the underside of his left thigh. He thought it was a wound-of-sort and started whining and complaining. He was pacified after being educated on what a birthmark is.

[Julian buttons his shirt]

[Julian loves to carry Jianna]

Justin at 35 Months

Justin turned 35 months on 25 June 2012.

Here are his updates:
  • He can spell his name :-)
  • He talks a lot now and can have a conversation with us. Once he asked me to help open a bottle cap and I asked him why. His answer: It's not open. Such logic!
  • He's even making up his own words! When we ask him what it means, he would say it's Chinese for whatever that comes to his mind! The first we heard was 'markerverse' but he didn't have a meaning for that. He made up a word for 'apartment in Chinese' but we can't remember what it is.
  • He has begun reading. He has finished Peter and Jane Book 1a and is now on 1b. We weren't very sure whether he was actually reading or he had memorised the book, so we tested him by pointing to some of the words elsewhere. He seemed to be able to recognise them :-) He also showed signs of being able to apply his phonics knowledge to a certain extent :-)
  • He likes to sing. His current favourites are 'Fly, fly, fly, the butterfly', 'Christ in the vessel', and 'Deep and wide'.
  • For better or worse, he has been taught to use the mouse on the computer at home. Now the boys take turns at the 'computer control'. We would tell them that when the long hand of the clock reaches a certain number, so-and-so would get a turn using the mouse. Thankfully, they comply to this arrangement.
  • He is practically toilet trained and is off the diaper in the day time. We still get accidents on and off, though. He still wears diapers when sleeping at night.
  • On the not-so-cute side, he has the habit of biting, pinching and beating Julian whenever he is unhappy with him :-(

[Justin caught with his pants up]