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Monday, April 05, 2010

Virtual Space for Two

Here are some recent photos of the boys. Since Julian's disappearing trick, Julian was pretty sure it had some virtual space left, and tried to see if the box could hold both him and Justin inside.

Julian and Justin
[Julian and Justin]

Julian and Justin in matching outfits
[Julian and Justin in matching outfits, thanks to Grandma]

Justin armed with a hammer
[What's the hammer for?]

Fun in the tent
[Urban camping, thanks to Ah Kong: Julian taking a snooze while Justin keeps vigil]

Fun with a box
[More fun with the box]

Julian and Justin in one box
[Julian finding virtual space: I'm sure we can both fit in here!]

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Julian at 34 Months

Julian turned 34 months old on 28 March 2010.

Here are some updates and observations:
  • We have accepted the fact that he probably has a sensitive stomach or is prone to gas which results in him regurgitating quite often, sometimes even seasonal. But sometimes, we're not sure if he's regurgitating out of habit or has not learnt how to burp properly. To make matters worse, when we are cleaning up, he sometimes does not cooperate in staying away from the area that he has regurgitated on *pulls hair*.
  • He takes 4 feeds of milk, 5-6oz each instead of 3 8oz feeds that are more common among other kids his age. We have tried 7oz feeds in the past but it usually results in him throwing up soon after. So, 5-6oz feeds it is for now.
  • He now asks for some Milo to be added in his milk. This we obliged since we noticed that he seems to be more enthusiastic during milk feeds and threw up less often.
  • He takes 3 solid meals a day. He is still a picky eater and nutrition has to be disguised. Meat has to be minced and vegetables has to be mashed.
  • He is as active as ever and very curious. Not a day passes without him wanting to "see fish", "see lizard", or other similar side-tracking tactics when we are out.
  • Attendance at mass has never been so stressful. We used to bring along his "mass kit" which contained books, toys and some writing material to keep him occupied. Lately, these couldn't hold his attention long enough which resulted in him wanting to venture away from the pew or wriggle under the pew. He would often knock himself somewhere and cause him to cry. So, enough is enough! Our latest strategy is to attend Saturday sunset masses without him taking his afternoon nap. He would konk out on the way to church and not even our taking him out of the car seat wakes him up... Peace be with you!
  • He fell ill on 25 March 2010, his worst so far. He had fever (sometimes reaching 39 degrees Celsius), cough and probably a sore throat. He didn't sleep well for a few nights as he was coughing. It was a good thing that we had no problems getting him to take his medication using a syringe.


Julian and Chanel the Chicken
[Julian and Chanel the Chicken]

Julian using a syringe
[Julian and the Syringe]

Justin at 8 Months

Justin turned 8 months old on 25 March 2010. We took him for a check-up at the clinic on 23 March 2010 and he weighed 8.5kg (up from 8.1kg 2 months ago).

Here are his updates:
  • No change in his diet. Still 4 3oz feeds of EBM at the babysitter's and breastfed on demand at home. He also takes 2 solid meals, porridge or cereal.
  • He has suddenly become more interactive and seems to have a mind of his own... no more the lie/sit still blur-blur baby *horrors*.
  • He can now pull himself up to standing position with ease. He does this most often at the sofa.
  • He has developed a very vile gripping action as he tries to get a good hold on us humans when trying to pull himself up. It's quite painful. Julian has often complained, "Justin, don't disturb!" or he just cries in pain.
  • He's crawling around more now, often in searh of Mummy.
  • He loves putting anything into his mouth especially boardbooks, plastic toy cups and everything else that is not permitted.
  • He's a real busybody in the making. He goes after anything Julian is playing prompting Julian to say, "Justin, don't touch!". He also wants a share of whatever we're eating or drinking.

Justin standing at the sofa
[Standing at the sofa]

[Let me out!]

Justin on the potty
[Justin on the potty... grumpy...]

[Justin smiling]

Justin with pistol in mouth
[*Click!*... Ahhh... safe...: Justin having a go at Russian roulette]

[Justin's two teeth]