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Friday, July 31, 2015

Jianna at 40 Months

Jianna turned 40 months old on 30 July 2015. Here are some photo updates.

[Jianna at the Transformers exhibition]

[Jianna the explorer monkey wannabe?]

[Jianna lazing in bed]

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Julian at 98 Months Old

Julian turned 98 months old on 28 July 2015.

After church, Julian was pleased with our comment that he was a good boy during mass.
Julian: I behaved like Jesus.
Daddy & Mummy: Huh? (*eyebrow raised*)
Julian: Jesus is always good!
Daddy & Mummy: Oh...ok... :o)

[Julian on a deckchair at Kampung Air, Bukit Merah Laketown Resort]

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Justin is 6 Years Old!

Justin turned 6 years old on 25 July 2015.

[Justin cutting his birthday cake in an early celebration]

[Justin celebrating on his birthday]

Daddy was watching the "Tree House" episode of Peppa Pig with the kids. For anyone to enter the tree house, Peppa asks for the password: Daddy's big tummy. Justin was amused, and gave Daddy's (big?!) tummy a good whack. Ouch! *Daddy reminds himself to stop those stress eating*

After some time playing plasticine together, Julian suddenly complained that he was hit in the eye by one of Justin's creations.
Justin: ... but he hit me first!
Daddy: If you're hurting each other, then you'll have to settle it yourselves.
Julian: Justin, say "sorry".
Justin: Sorryyyyy...
Julian: Say "sorry" (very many) thousand million times.
Justin: Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, ... (etc.)
After very many "sorrys"...
Julian: It was extremely hard.
Justin: ... but soft...

Daddy & Mummy: *shakes head*

Sunday, July 05, 2015

Ceri Kampung

I had always been curious about the local wild cherry tree. There used to be a big tree growing in the small field just opposite my childhood home in Batu Gajah. Back then, I dared not eat the fruit as I was not sure whether it was edible.

It was only recently that I learned that the fruits from the Muntigia calabura tree or ceri kampung (village cherry) tree were edible.

We came across many Muntingia trees along Pantai Bersih in Butterworth that had lots of ripe fruits. We decided to pluck some. The children enjoyed reaching and plucking the fruits.

The ripe fruits tasted very sweet and in some sense overpowering after eating more than a few. We made some jam and this was also difficult to eat to the extent that it was nauseating. Perhaps it's an acquired taste.

[Muntingia fruits]

[Muntingia jam]

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Jianna at 39 Months

Jianna turned 39 months old on 30 June 2015.

A Daddy-Daughter conversation...
Daddy: Jianna, what do you want to be when you grow up?
Jianna: I don't know.
Daddy: Do you want to be a teacher, dancer, doctor, engineer, fireman, pilot, artist, ...
Jianna: A princess.
Daddy: ?!?

Jianna usually wants Mummy when it comes to her bedtime routine. After learning a tip about asking narrow and leading questions to get someone to comply to something...
Daddy: Jianna, do you want to brush your teeth or go to the toilet?
Jianna: Mummy
Daddy ?!?


[Giraffe under-carriage inspection]