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Sunday, July 05, 2015

Ceri Kampung

I had always been curious about the local wild cherry tree. There used to be a big tree growing in the small field just opposite my childhood home in Batu Gajah. Back then, I dared not eat the fruit as I was not sure whether it was edible.

It was only recently that I learned that the fruits from the Muntigia calabura tree or ceri kampung (village cherry) tree were edible.

We came across many Muntingia trees along Pantai Bersih in Butterworth that had lots of ripe fruits. We decided to pluck some. The children enjoyed reaching and plucking the fruits.

The ripe fruits tasted very sweet and in some sense overpowering after eating more than a few. We made some jam and this was also difficult to eat to the extent that it was nauseating. Perhaps it's an acquired taste.

[Muntingia fruits]

[Muntingia jam]

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