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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

MY Garden Birdwatch 2012

On 2 June 2012, between 9.00am and 9.30am, the boys and I did a count of garden birds for MY Garden Birdwatch 2012. We positioned ourselves at the shaded carpark area of our apartment overlooking a fruit orchard.

Here's what we counted:
  • 1 yellow-vented bulbul
  • 1 Asian koel
  • 1 black-naped oriole
  • 1 spotted dove
  • 1 house crow
  • 2 olive-backed sunbirds

We also spotted 2 rock pigeons, 2 Eurasian tree sparrows, and some Pacific swallows but these were not included in the count because they were either spotted at another location or they were seen flying overhead (these were the rules of the count, among others).

It was educational for the boys, and they were already familiar with some of the birds. They are especially fond of the koels as there are quite a few around our apartment and their calls are distinct and loud!

Here are some photos of the birds we spotted that morning:
[Olive-backed sunbird, female]

[Olive-backed sunbird, male]

[Spotted dove]

[Asian koel, male]

[Yellow-vented bulbul]

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Jianna at 2 Months

Jianna was 2 month old on 30 May 2012. Her clinic visit was on 4 June 2012. She now weighs 5.8kg and is 58cm long. She was also given her vaccination. Thankfully, she did not develop any fever.

Here are her updates:
  • She's still sleeping quite often in the day, but not for very long periods at a stretch. She likes to be put on her belly to sleep. When awake she likes being carried, especially in the evening and early night. She also likes to have someone talking to her. She seems ok lying down on her own in the earlier part of the day. Well, I guess she needs some attention, too! :-) At night, she feeds 2-3 hourly.
  • Her 'favourite' toys at home are a soft cube rattle, a squeaky car and a squeaky hippo.
  • Since just after she turned 1 month, Jianna has been able to 'rotate' herself.
  • Her neck seems to be pretty strong too. She seems to be able to hold her head up quite steadily when being carried on the shoulder and she can lift her head quite well when lying on her tummy.
  • She's been blowing raspberries also since just after one month.
  • She doesn't quite like to be put in a sitting position for burping, instead preferring to be carried on the shoulder for that. Very often when we try to sit her up for burping, she would straighten her back and lean backwards so that she can't be put in a sitting position!
  • She has started going to daycare since 21 May 2012. She is adapting very well but is fussy taking milk from the bottle.
  • She can smile socially :-)
  • She had her first haircut at a barber's on 27 May 2012.
[Jianna shows her tongue again]

[Jianna's smile]

[If they do this to my hair again...]

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Mizi Bistro Revisited

On 28 May 2012, we had lunch at Mizi Bistro at New World Park. It was not our first experience at Mizi's.

This time, we tried their Chicken Piccatta (with rosemary sause), and Seafood a la King (seafood curry). As with our previous visit, the set came with soup, a drink, and all-you-can-eat ice-cream. The set lunch is RM25 per set.

[Chicken Piccatta]

[Seafood a la King]

Food was not bad, and serving size was generous. However, the rosemary sauce was rather strong.