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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Family Day at Golden Sands

We spent a 3-day 2-night stay (22-24 October 2010) at Shangri-La's Golden Sands Resort at Batu Ferringhi for my department's family day.

On the first day, we checked-in at about 6.30pm and had an opening dinner.

A telematch was scheduled on the morning of the second day but we decided to spend time with the kids on the beach instead. Later in the morning, we adjourned for a dip in the pool. The resort had a nice pool area with many pools of different sizes, depths, and purposes. There's even a jacuzzi :o).

Boys in the sandpit
[The boys in the sand pit]

Boys on the beach
[Fun on the beach]

Look at that!
[Julian: Look at that!]

Justin and Daddy
[Justin and Daddy]

After lunch and a nap, we took the kids to the resort's Adventure Zone where they had a kid's play area with a ball pool and an obstacle course. We ended the evening by the beach.

Floating balls
[The boys and Mummy have powers of levitation?!]

Julian and the waves
[Julian and the sea at dusk]

On the last day, it was more fun in the pool before we checked-out and had lunch.

Unlike the previous family day, we did not have any work-related activity. So, it was a fun and relaxing stay.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Julian at 41 Months

Julian turned 41 months on 28 October 2010.
  • He's now better at conversing and can sometimes answer questions properly without any prompting from us.
  • He is very clear and firm when rejecting something, e.g. at the doctor's he said, "I don't want that" (the spatula doctors usually use when examining the throat).
  • He is very fond of saying "I want to go home.", even at home! We're not sure what he REALLY wants. He generally says it when he's not happy about something or when he starts to get bored/tired (when we're out).
  • He likes to put on his sunglasses in the car (sometimes even at night) and look at himself in the mirror on the visor. In fact, the visor is perpetually flipped down now for him to 'admire' himself (with or without the sunglasses). That's vanity for you! *roll eyes*
  • He's quite fixated when it comes to routines. If a particular routine is not done in the correct sequence, or a 'step' is missed, there is always a risk of him going cranky. For instance, after brushing his teeth he wants to dry his hands. No such thing as going straight to bathe without wiping his hands.
  • Being fixated as he is, he also has difficulty with changes. He often resists new things/situations. We have difficulty getting him to wear 'new' clothes sometimes, but we overcome this by telling him they are a present from someone e.g. Grandma, Ah Kong, etc. However, he hardly resists new toys, always insisting on opening the packages as soon as he sees them!
  • He's improving in his mealtime menu. He is now open to noodles (though not all types) and he especially likes the ABC pasta that we cook. He also likes papaya, watermelon and apples.

[Julian: The Sliding Star]


Justin at 15 Months

Justin turned 15 months on 25 October 2010. He was at the clinic on 27 October 2010 for a routine check-up. He weighed 9.6kg (600gm increase in the last 3 months). He is now 78cm tall (up from 76cm 3 months ago).

Here are his updates:
  • He tried some roti canai and seems keen to try adult food. He's losing interest in cereal.
  • A ninth tooth has erupted (upper left molar).
  • He can climb up the dining chair *horrors*.
  • On the talking front, he now says "bye" (and waves as well), "borr" (ball), "ya/yeh" (yes), "there" (and points, when we ask him where certain objects are), "thah" (car), "berh" (bird), "bah" (plane), and "no more".
  • He says "airh" to imitate the phonics sound for the letter "A" when Julian plays on Starfall.
  • When we suspect that he has passed motion (but actualy did not) and we ask him "Did you owk-owk?", he shakes his head.
  • Hugs when asked to "sayang" (show love).
  • Can follow instruction to put things somewhere.
  • Nods head when we say "thank you" to him.
  • Can hold his own bottle.
  • He likes to watch Thomas and Friends, and shakes his head when he hears the Thomas and Friends theme song.
  • Likes to fiddle with the DVD player. He knows how to open the tray and can place a disc onto the tray with some help. However, he keeps on wanting to change discs... this drives Julian crazy, and a scuffle ensues.

Justin with tear
[Justin: Sad movies... always make me cry...]

Justin on the phone
[Justin: I called you on the telephone... but you're never home...]

Justin on the potty
[No, that's not **** on his face :o)]

Justin on the slide
[Justin having a go on the slide]

Justin eating dried apple
[Justin sampling a slice of dried apple]

Justin flaps diapers
[Justin doing the diaper cheer routine]