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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Baby Bag Bagnapped

"Stolen" should have been the word to use, but "bagnapped" was more appropriate to achieve a hatrick of Bs :o).

22 December 2009 saw us make a late evening trip to Butterworth immediately after picking Julian and Justin from the babysitter's. The purpose was to meet up with Angie's parents and her two sisters as it was rare to have all of them around during the holiday season.

After a quick dinner, all of us headed to a neighbour's house for some Christmas reflection and carolling. It was already dark by then. We wanted to walk but decided to drive over instead because we didn't want Justin to be "exposed to the elements" since he had his immunisation that morning and was feverish.

Upon parking the car, we decided to leave the baby bag in the front seat to avoid the hassle of lugging the bag in and out. Afterall, if we needed anything, we could just go to the car and get it.

During the session, Julian was restless (failing to find anyone in his age group, except for Justin) and wanted to go back to Ah Kong's house. But we tried to stay on longer since we were already there and the session had only just started. But as Julian grew more restless, we decided to leave.

Once out at the porch and after putting on Julian's shoes, we heard a sickening loud thud and smashing of glass. We saw someone at the car. We shouted but it was all too late. We saw the person jump onto a waiting motorcycle ridden by an accomplice. They both rode off into the darkness.

Upon inspecting the car, we guessed as much that the baby bag had been bagnapped. We were normally very careful about not leaving things in the car but somehow that night, we threw caution to the wind. We learnt a costly lesson that winter solstice night.

Among other things, we lost some cash, some spare clothes, a nice fishing hat Julian was fond of, Justin's cute ladybug wrist rattle (his first toy), a small toy jeep, a small toy duck, my spare SLR battery, the boys' clinic appointment cards, Julian's water bottle and snacks, and the usual diapers, baby wipes, and changing mat (which served us well since Julian's birth).

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Justin the Catholic

Julian was baptised last Saturday (19 December 2009). Niq and Chui Ying (Ah Sook & Sook Meh) are his godparents (they are also Julian's godparents). Fr. Fabian Dicom conducted the baptism.

In contrast to Julian's baptism 2 years ago, Justin was pretty well-behaved and hardly fretted as he had had his feed just before the rite began :o).

Justin, I baptise you...
[Justin, I baptise you...]

Justin baptism
[... in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit]

Justin's baptism group photo
[A group photo]

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Morning at the Arboretum

Last Friday morning saw me indulging in some photography at the arboretum behind the School of Pharmacy in Universiti Sains Malaysia.

Pied Fantail
[Pied Fantail]

Pied Fantail showing vent
[Pied Fantail: Showing off its "fan" and its vent]

White-breasted Waterhen
[White-breasted Waterhen (or Burung Ruak Ruak in Malay)]

Black-naped Oriole
[Black-naped Oriole]

Black-naped Oriole in flight
[Black-naped Oriole in flight]

[A stuck moth: This moth was flapping its wings in the water]

Dragonflies mating
[Dragonflies mating]

Dragonflies mating, another angle
[Dragonflies mating: From another angle]

Getting Along on the Gym

Julian and Justin seem to be getting along, save for the occasional attention seeking antics by Julian.

Sharing a gym
[Love is Sharing]