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Friday, June 29, 2007

Julian Full Moon

Julian is one month old as of yesterday (28 June 2007). Yay!

Julian had his full moon celebration on Tuesday (26 June 2007). In Penang, boxes of nasi kunyit (tumeric glutinous rice), chicken curry, ang koo (a kind of sweet red dumpling in the shape of a tortoise filled with bean paste) and red eggs were distributed. For boys, ang yee (similar to the ang koo but in the shape of a ball) were also included.

[Full Moon Set (clockwise from bottom-left): nasi kunyit, chicken curry, red eggs, ang koo and ang yee]

We celebrated Julian's full moon a little earlier in Ipoh last Saturday (23 June 2007) with an eight-course chinese luncheon.

[Julian fretting a little during his full moon luncheon while Mummy and grandaunts look on]

Last Saturday also saw Grandma giving Julian his first haircut in Ipoh.

[Living Room Barber Shop: Julian's first haircut]

Here are more photos of Julian.

[Julian sleeping soundly on Mummy's shoulder]

[Julian: Sleeping... again]

[Julian: Showing some interest... finally]

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Baby Photos

Julian is 12 days old today. We are still adjusting to this new way of life. He is already showing signs of wanting more milk since he first came home.



[Stretch!: Julian doing some aerobics...]

[Julian when awake]

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Julian Comes Home

Julian finally came home yesterday (Friday, 1 June 2007) after staying an extra day due to jaundice. Mummy Angie was discharged on Thursday (31 May 2007).

Julian's first day at home gave us a whole new experience of being first-time parents. The routine of caring for a newborn - feeding and cleaning - is tiring and frustrating but absolutely priceless... nothing to guide you except for your faith and instinct, no one to help you except for your family and friends, and no one to journey with you except your spouse and God.

[Julian and Mummy leaving the nursery]

[Julian and Mummy arriving home]

[Julian and Daddy at home]