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Monday, June 29, 2015

Julian at 97 Months Old

Julian turned 97 months old on 28 June 2015.

Daddy was trying to wake Julian up one morning with some difficulty. On one of my last attempts, he responded, "I'm still charging." *slaps forehead*

At the Ulu Legong Hot Springs...
Julian: Mum, did you try the pool over there?
Mummy:'s very hot. I can see the smoke coming up.
Julian: That's not smoke! Are you crazy?
Mummy: What do you mean that's not smoke?
Julian: That's steam!
Mummy stands corrected. :o)

[Julian at the Taiping Zoo]

[Julian the budding durian lover]

Friday, June 26, 2015

Justin at 71 Months

Justin turned 71 months old on 25 June 2015.

During a car ride...
Justin: Where are we going, Daddy?
Daddy: We're going to the car wash.
Justin: Why?
Daddy: Because the car is clean. *trying to be sarcastic*
Justin: No! So the car is clean.
Jianna: Because the car is dirty.
Lesson in English or logic?

Just as we were about to go out, it started to rain. Coming up to me, Justin asked, "How do you say 'body' in bahasa?" Having gotten an answer, he declared, "Tidak badan panik!"
He was translating a phrase from a cartoon he watches - 'Nobody panic'!

[Bump down the slide]

[Justin at the cinema]


Monday, June 01, 2015

Jianna at 38 Months

Jianna turned 38 months old on 30 May 2015. Some photo updates...

[Jianna with Daddy]

[Jianna considers a career in professional drinking]

[Jianna doing the bed-dance]

[Jianna loves a vanilla ice-cream cone]