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Friday, November 30, 2007

Julian at 6 Months

Julian is 6 months old this week (28 November 2007). He didn't put on as much weight as we had hoped he would. He weighed in at 7.3kg with clothes and diaper off. He weighed 7.2kg at 5 months but with clothes and diaper on. So, we estimated he only put on about 200gm over the past month. We will need to be more aggressive in feeding him his solids.

His weight "scare" aside, he is active and inquisitive. He has started to grab our spectacles and pull our hair when we carry him. He is also getting more and more "wriggly" and difficult to pin down when we want to change his clothes or diaper. He has also resorted to making other strange noises - one which we find very disturbing is a throaty vomitting sound (especially when he is on his tummy).

Last weekend, we took Julian to the apartment pool.

It's Cold!
[Brrr: Mummy... it's cccold...]

My Legs!
[My Legs! Where are they?!]

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Stand, Suck and Smell

Julian is now 3 days shy of turning 6 months old.

Currently he seems to enjoy some "supported" standing (for just a second or two only of course) and loves to suck his toe (a contortionist in the making?).

Julian standing
[I'm Still Standing: Hee hee... Mummy! Hee hee... it tickles!]

Toe sucking
[Delicious!: I recall a primary school friend singing "sungguh sedap sehingga menjilat kaki" (it's leg-licking good)]

Since starting him on the occasional rice cereal, we have noticed that his stool has started to have some lumpy bits and is now thicker. And good grief... the smell is horrible!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Julian's First Letter

Last Wednesday (14 November 2007), the postman delivered Julian's first unsolicited mail! Julian was thrilled. He couldn't resist grabbing it and putting it into his mouth. Mmm... absolutely delicious.

Examining envelope
[All Eyes On The Envelope: Julian examining his letter]

Envelope close-up
[A close-up of the envelope]

[The Contents: A photo frame and some baby diet advice]

Monday, November 12, 2007


Last Friday (9 November 2007), we had dinner at Chikuma, a Japanese restaurant at Gembira Parade, Greenlane. It was our belated birthday treat for Niq. It was our second visit there, the first time being just the night before with some friends from Catholic Engaged Encounter Penang.

They serve a wide variety of Japanese set meals as well as a la carte at very reasonable prices. Most of their set meals come with tofu and clam soup, steamed egg with mushroom, and watermelon slices. For this visit, Angie and I ordered the unadon set (RM17.80), yaki tori set (RM13.80), lidako (spicy baby octopus) (RM9.00), and California maki (RM7.00). Delicious!

Julian reading the menu
[Julian studying the menu: He said, "I-oh will-loh have-foh breast-toh milk-koh"]

[Unadon Set]

Yaki Tori
[Yaki Tori Set]


California Maki
[California Maki]

On the way out, we asked the staff what "Chikuma" meant. It means "long-time friends" or something to that effect. Apparently, the proprietors are childhood friends.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Julian's Current Craze

Julian is almost 5 months and 2 weeks old. Currently, he likes to:
  • Refine his sky-diving skills
  • Lift his upper body with his arms
  • Hold his feet
  • Clench his gums (we suspect he is teething because he has started to get cranky these past 2 days)
  • Suck his index finger, especially
[Advanced Sky-Diving]

Push up
[Baby Push Up: Hgnnahhh!]

Holding toes
[Tickling His Own Feet]

Clench gums

Suck finger
[I can put the rest in, too... want to see?]

Solid Start

On Tuesday (6 November 2007), Julian had his first taste of solid food. Our baby sitter gave him a little bit of mashed potatoes and carrots in the evening. Later that night, we prepared some very fine plain rice porridge.

First porridge
[Julian's First Porridge]

Boom Boom Ha Ha Ha

It's 12.20am, 8 November 2007. Tonight Julian is up unusually late - ushering in Deepavali. At around midnight, he saw his first of several fireworks displays from our balcony. He seemed fascinated seeing the bursts of lights. His reaction to all the loud booms? He burst into fits of laughter!

He got so excited, he's wide awake even now (12.30am)...

[Boom Boom Ha Ha Ha...]

Sunday, November 04, 2007

I Don't Follow You

Julian sleeps with us on our bed because this facilitates breast feeding during the night. We find that all three of us get more sleep this way.

A few nights ago after being awakened during one of Julian's feeds, Bart started talking to Julian in his semi-conscious state. This was what he said:

"You know-ah Julian, Malaysia has the highest control tower... airport..."

"Julian-ah, there's something else Daddy want to tell you okay? You know the [mobile telco service provider] yellow man-ah? They say they'll follow you everywhere... you think can-ah?"

End of "transmission"... do you follow?

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Mizi Bistro

Last Saturday (27 October 2007) saw us having dinner at Mizi Bistro at the New World Park Penang (corner of Burmah Road and Swatow Lane). It's a nice cosy place. The owners also manage another outlet called JL Gourmet Cafe in Prangin Mall.

Their set menu is priced at RM16.90 per set. We ordered 2 sets. For the drink we had iced lemon tea and hot peach tea; for the soup we had their signature mushroom soup and baked French onion soup; for the main course we had Chicken Normandy (apple-filled chicken breast) and Ballotine of Chicken "Nelson" (chicken stuffed with cheese and crabstick); and for the dessert it was ice-cream (all-you-can-fill on a shallow ice-cream glass, one serving only per person).

The food is not bad although the portion of the main course is a little bit on the small side. The all-you-can-fill ice-crea is an interesting concept and there's quite a variety of flavours to choose from :o).

Onion Soup
[Baked French Onion Soup: There's a piece of bread floating at the top]

Mushroom Soup
[Mushroom Soup]

Chicken Normandy
[Chicken Normandy]

Ballotine of Chicken
[Ballotin of Chicken "Nelson"]

[All-You-Can-Fill Ice-Cream]