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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Blue Reef Fish and Chips at Straits Quay

We had lunch at Blue Reef Fish and Chips at Straits Quay on 15 August 2011. It was one of our rare cafe-dining experience minus the kids :o).

For their set lunch, you get to choose any of their ala-carte main dish and add RM1 for the soup of the day, and a drink. For the main dishes, we chose a mahi-mahi fish and chips in beer batter, and a grilled stuffed chicken.

Mahi-mahi fish and chips
[Mahi-mahi fish and chips in beer batter: RM16]

Grilled stuffed chicken
[Grilled stuffed chicken: RM23]

The food was not bad and the ambiance was pleasant enough. We were there for an early lunch on a weekday, hence we enjoyed the place while it was still quiet.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Oh! My Gash!

Last Sunday (7 August 2011) started out pretty normal. We had lunch at Ultimaxx Cafe at Queensbay with some close friends and later went into the mall for the kids to have some fun at a small kids' play area with kiddie rides at the North Wing. This was when things started to go horribly wrong.

The play area has a perimeter fence. Julian had this idea of running out of the play area, around part of the fence, and back into the play area again via another entrance. He did this a few times and since he was within sight, we just let him be.

Then, as he was running back in, he slipped and bumped his head against the base of the carousel. We heard a loud thud. As we got to him, he started wailing. To our horror, he had a nasty gash on his forehead above his left eye. It was bleeding profusely. We panicked. We grabbed Justin and Julian and "ran for our lives". It was about 1.45pm. Angie carried Justin while I carried Julian... putting a hand over the wound. His face and shirt were covered with blood. It must have been quite a sight. We managed to get some ice and wet wipes to help ease the bleeding before heading for the hospital. As we drove, we all managed to calm down, including Julian.

We headed for Pantai Mutiara Hospital, being the nearest. By the time we arrived, the bleeding had stopped. At the A&E, they managed to get his face and wound cleaned. The A&E doctor indicated that the wound would need to be stitched by the surgeon. For kids, who are unlikely to cooperate, this would be done under general anaesthesia (GA). Julian would also have to stay the night for observation. The cost would also run into four figures. After some consideration, we decided that we'd take Julian to the Penang General Hospital for treatment. So, after dropping Justin off at the baby sitter's, off we went. It was about 3.10pm.

Julian's gash
[Julian's gash, photo hastily taken]

Julian's gash
[Another blur photo, not a pretty sight]

It wasn't until about 4.30pm before Julian was seen by the doctor. The doctor assessed the wound to be "2x1", roughly 2cm across and 1cm deep. The doctor then ordered X-rays to be taken to rule out any fractures or the presence of any foreign body. Fortunately, the X-rays came back alright and they could proceed to stitch the wound up.

Julian was first given some syrup paracetamol and an oral sedative. The medical assistant (MA) then tried to inject some local anaesthetic (LA) around the wound. Success was limited as Julian was struggling and wailing even after being restraint by the doctor and Mummy and Daddy. So, after consulting another doctor, it was decided that they had to put Julian under heavy sedation (not sure if this was GA). For this, they inserted a Vasofix catheter into his hand, during which he also struggled and wailed. After the GA was administered (we told Julian that his hand was drinking medicine), he was very drowsy but refused to go to sleep! He still had to be restraint. When more LA was injected, he struggled and wailed even when he could hardly keep his eyes open. As the MA put the five stitches, we tried our best to comfort Julian, promising ice-creams, Slurpees, and trips to see airplanes.

Julian's ordeal ended at 7.00pm. However, he was placed under observation for one hour since he was given heavy sedation. So, we went to the emergency ward and tried getting him to sleep as he was still groggy from the sedation. For the first 15 minutes, he resisted sleep, wanting to walk around although he could hardly stand. He finally dozed-off after we closed the curtains around him.

Julian resting
[Julian resting]

8.00pm saw us leaving the hospital. Julian got up as we drove off. After picking Justin, Julian requested to see airplanes *slaps forehead*! Since we nearly promised him the sun and the moon as his wound was being stitched, we reluctantly obliged. Shortly after parking at the Cargo Complex, a Silk Air aircraft took-off. That really made his day.

Julian's stitches
[Julian's stitches]

Stitches removed
[Julian after the stitches were removed on 12 August 2011]

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Julian at 50 months

Julian turned 50 months (4 years 2 months) on 28 July 2011. He weighed 17.7kg at the clinic where he was scheduled for a regular check-up. He was also due for his deworming. His height is 104cm.

Here are his updates:
  • He now likes to say "No, thank you" when declining an offer, e.g. of food, water, etc.
  • He sometimes likes to kneel when praying before going to bed.
  • He loves outings to the Second Cargo Complex of the Penang International Airport located at Batu Maung. He would tell us what the aircrafts are doing, e.g. that the airplane is flying to another airport, that the airplane is taxiing, etc. He also likes to ask, "What's the name of that airplane?" as well as to count the number of take-offs and landings. He can identify a few popular airlines and freight carriers.

Julian cutting cake
[Julian cutting cake]

Monday, August 01, 2011

Justin is 2 Years Old!

Justin turned 2 on 25 July 2011. Happy Birthday, Justin! At the clinic, he weighed in at 11.4kg. His height is 85cm. He was given his first deworming medicine.

Here are his updates:
  • His speech continues to improve. He can repeat the last syllable of words we ask him to repeat. He says 'pee' (please/peace), 'Daddy, wee-you/ee-you' (Daddy, where are you?), 'there ya' (there you are), 'naih' (goodnight), 'og' (out), 'perh' (open)
  • He can now pronounce 'koh koh' (elder brother), and 'ah kong' (grandfather) with the 'k' sound.
  • He would sing bits and pieces of the nursery rhymes when he hears them. He knows quite a few!
  • He is familiar with the sequence of the nursery rhymes from
  • He would put his hands together and bow when asked to say 'peace'. We taught him this for exchanging sign of peace at mass.
  • He does 3/4 of the sign of the cross at prayer time (up to 'holy' - at which he would pat his shoulder) then goes to 'Amen'.
  • He still imitates everything Julian does.
  • He's into screaming when things don't go his way. This could be when we don't give him what he wants or even when the toys don't 'work/move' as he wants it to. One instance would be when the front object in a line of objects he is pushing gets out of line!
  • He's getting more assertive. He has a mind of his own and often leaves us in no doubt about it!
  • He is able to rinse his mouth at brush-teeth time.

JUstin with a loaf of bread
[Justin loafing around]

Justin moving chairs
[Justin the chairman]

We celebrated his birthday a day earlier at Sea Palace Restaurant. He had a cake with baby Mickey & Minnie. Julian would not allow him to have the same Mickey Mouse picture on his cake. Justin loves having the birthday song sung to him and he can blow out the candles all by himself! Cutting the cake is also fun :-)

Justin's birthday cake
[Justin's birthday cake]

Family photo
[Family photo during Justin's birthday lunch]

Justin hands-up
[Yay! I'm two!]

Justin's birthday muffin
[Justin celebrating on his actual birthday]