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Monday, August 01, 2011

Justin is 2 Years Old!

Justin turned 2 on 25 July 2011. Happy Birthday, Justin! At the clinic, he weighed in at 11.4kg. His height is 85cm. He was given his first deworming medicine.

Here are his updates:
  • His speech continues to improve. He can repeat the last syllable of words we ask him to repeat. He says 'pee' (please/peace), 'Daddy, wee-you/ee-you' (Daddy, where are you?), 'there ya' (there you are), 'naih' (goodnight), 'og' (out), 'perh' (open)
  • He can now pronounce 'koh koh' (elder brother), and 'ah kong' (grandfather) with the 'k' sound.
  • He would sing bits and pieces of the nursery rhymes when he hears them. He knows quite a few!
  • He is familiar with the sequence of the nursery rhymes from
  • He would put his hands together and bow when asked to say 'peace'. We taught him this for exchanging sign of peace at mass.
  • He does 3/4 of the sign of the cross at prayer time (up to 'holy' - at which he would pat his shoulder) then goes to 'Amen'.
  • He still imitates everything Julian does.
  • He's into screaming when things don't go his way. This could be when we don't give him what he wants or even when the toys don't 'work/move' as he wants it to. One instance would be when the front object in a line of objects he is pushing gets out of line!
  • He's getting more assertive. He has a mind of his own and often leaves us in no doubt about it!
  • He is able to rinse his mouth at brush-teeth time.

JUstin with a loaf of bread
[Justin loafing around]

Justin moving chairs
[Justin the chairman]

We celebrated his birthday a day earlier at Sea Palace Restaurant. He had a cake with baby Mickey & Minnie. Julian would not allow him to have the same Mickey Mouse picture on his cake. Justin loves having the birthday song sung to him and he can blow out the candles all by himself! Cutting the cake is also fun :-)

Justin's birthday cake
[Justin's birthday cake]

Family photo
[Family photo during Justin's birthday lunch]

Justin hands-up
[Yay! I'm two!]

Justin's birthday muffin
[Justin celebrating on his actual birthday]

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