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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Cinema, Cinema, Cinema

Last week, we were on a movie spree, having watched three movies in five days; two of which were French movies (with English subtitles, bien sur!).

On Friday (24 June 2005), we caught Agents Secrets (a.k.a. Spy Bound) at 6.30pm. Then on Sunday (26 June 2005), we got Wai Fun to tag along with us to watch Ah! Si J'etais Riche (a.k.a. Ah! If I Were A Rich Man) at 5.30pm. We had bought five copies of the Star paper to redeem five free passes.

[Femmes Fatales: Angie and Wai Fun posing with the French Film Festival lady with the over-sized glasses]

[Our free passes and tickets]

Finally, on Tuesday (28 June 2005), we had a date with Mr. and Mrs. Smith. This time we made use of a buy-one-free-one voucher. In total, we spent only RM14 for seven seats :o). Never thought movies could be this cheap these days, eh?

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Father's Day 2005

19 June 2005 was Father's Day. We were shuttling between Menglembu and Butterworth over last weekend to visit both our families to celebrate Father's Day.

On Father's Day eve, we took my Dad to our favourite Thum's Western Food in Ipoh Garden. The price is slightly higher than our usual food court western food but their servings are generous and the presentation is quite impressive. We shared a Fish & Chips (this comes with onion rings *yum, yum*), a grilled Chicken Chop and a Chicken Maryland (the batter tastes something like KFC *nice crunchy skin*) among the four of us.

Sunday lunch saw us having yam rice, Hakka-style yong tau fu (one of my Dad's signature dishes), pork trotters with mushroom (my Mom's concoction), and some long beans.

[Fathers Day lunch]

For Sunday dinner, we were back in Butterworth to celebrate with Papa. We ate at a restaurant at Pantai Bersih. We had balitung (a kind of shellfish). That was my first time... Papa had to demonstrate how to suck the flesh out *hsssssppp* :o). We also had potato leaves, egg-wrapped mixed vegetables and claypot tau fu. For dessert, it was durians :o).

On the way back to the island, somewhere near the Seberang Jaya Carrefour, my car reached a 'milestone'.

[Another reason to celebrate: Photo taken while speeding along the highway... excellent photo skill, I have]

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Niq & Chui Ying's 1st Anniversary

Today, Niq helped me solve a little word puzzle over the phone:

1st word: What's on your head?
2nd word: What's the informal word for passing urine?
3rd word: The girl of Green Gables?
4th word: What's between your thigh and your shin?
5th word: What's between two choruses/refrains of a song?
6th word: To whom with love?
7th word: When replying to an e-mail, this appears at the front of the subject field.

To Niq and Chui Ying... Hair-pee Anne-knee-verse-sir-re!

Horsing Around

Today we visited the Penang Turf Club for the first time to see the Annual Horse Show 2005. There were pony and carriage rides, and an expo of mainly horsey stuff (what else would you expect?). But the main attraction for us was the display of various breeds of horses, ponies and a donkey, as well as the equestrian showjumping.

[This is a horse: the brown one... on the left...]

[Clowning around <:o)]

[Giddy-up: this is a horse jumping...;-P]

We are sad to announce that Mutiara Brew 2 (the Perry) was not successful. It was over-brewed (we harvested it on 26 May 2005, after 3 1/2 weeks). Now we've got a bottle of pear perry vinegar (as opposed to apple cider vinegar). We suppose it's good for health, too!

To make amends, we have now initiated Mutiara Brew 3. It's back to the good old reliable apple. And as a by-product of Mutiara Brew 3, we have some lemon shortbread to enjoy.


Friday, June 03, 2005

East Coast Escapade (Part 3: Kuala Terengganu)

In this final installment, we hightlight some of the things we did in Kuala Terengganu. We didn't do much here becuase our trip to Chagar Hutang (Pulau Redang) split our stay here (14-15 & 22-23 May 2005).

At the mouth of the Terengganu River is Pulau Duyong where boats are built, some using traditional methods and material. We learned that there's a special technique of bending planks made of hard wood using heat to fit the frame of the boats.

[Little kid: This kid appeared lost at the shipyard... hope it found its mommy]

[Boat over troubled waters: A boat heading in the direction of the South China Seas]

[Traditional boat-making: Boats like these take about 2-3 months to complete and can cost between RM70,000 and RM100,000]

More photos of our East Coast Escapade: