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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Father's Day 2005

19 June 2005 was Father's Day. We were shuttling between Menglembu and Butterworth over last weekend to visit both our families to celebrate Father's Day.

On Father's Day eve, we took my Dad to our favourite Thum's Western Food in Ipoh Garden. The price is slightly higher than our usual food court western food but their servings are generous and the presentation is quite impressive. We shared a Fish & Chips (this comes with onion rings *yum, yum*), a grilled Chicken Chop and a Chicken Maryland (the batter tastes something like KFC *nice crunchy skin*) among the four of us.

Sunday lunch saw us having yam rice, Hakka-style yong tau fu (one of my Dad's signature dishes), pork trotters with mushroom (my Mom's concoction), and some long beans.

[Fathers Day lunch]

For Sunday dinner, we were back in Butterworth to celebrate with Papa. We ate at a restaurant at Pantai Bersih. We had balitung (a kind of shellfish). That was my first time... Papa had to demonstrate how to suck the flesh out *hsssssppp* :o). We also had potato leaves, egg-wrapped mixed vegetables and claypot tau fu. For dessert, it was durians :o).

On the way back to the island, somewhere near the Seberang Jaya Carrefour, my car reached a 'milestone'.

[Another reason to celebrate: Photo taken while speeding along the highway... excellent photo skill, I have]


Peter & Gladys Liew said...

yes Bart you have good photo skill

Bart said...

Peter: Thank you, thank you *bow* ha ha. I was driving damn fast man when I took that photo... *phew* kih kih :o)

MrsT said...

Hey.. Bart & Angie.. :)
What great SIL and DIL you both are.. :)

5xmom said...

Hahaha Bart, the speedometer went 200km/hour and then somemore issit? Who you wanna fool?

Deng-ded! said...

Hi Bart, hahaha, great way to tell a traffic cop that you didn't know you were speeding since your car speedometer went "kaput"! Thanks to Proton?

Bart said...

Mrs T: We try our best to stay in touch :o)

5xmom: Ya... it went 200km/h and beh tahan liao. It kaputed (as deng-ded! said) and showed zero. Ha ha ha :o)

deng-ded!: Nowadays, I try not to speed. Once bitten, twice shy liao :o(