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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Cinema, Cinema, Cinema

Last week, we were on a movie spree, having watched three movies in five days; two of which were French movies (with English subtitles, bien sur!).

On Friday (24 June 2005), we caught Agents Secrets (a.k.a. Spy Bound) at 6.30pm. Then on Sunday (26 June 2005), we got Wai Fun to tag along with us to watch Ah! Si J'etais Riche (a.k.a. Ah! If I Were A Rich Man) at 5.30pm. We had bought five copies of the Star paper to redeem five free passes.

[Femmes Fatales: Angie and Wai Fun posing with the French Film Festival lady with the over-sized glasses]

[Our free passes and tickets]

Finally, on Tuesday (28 June 2005), we had a date with Mr. and Mrs. Smith. This time we made use of a buy-one-free-one voucher. In total, we spent only RM14 for seven seats :o). Never thought movies could be this cheap these days, eh?


Anonymous said...

Wow!! that's really cheap..! was M&M Smith any good..??


Peter & Gladys Liew said...

go see movie talak invite ker ??

Bart said...

MrsT: M&M Smith was quite entertaining. I'll give it, perhaps, 6 out of 10.

Peter: Je suis desole... :o)