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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Horsing Around

Today we visited the Penang Turf Club for the first time to see the Annual Horse Show 2005. There were pony and carriage rides, and an expo of mainly horsey stuff (what else would you expect?). But the main attraction for us was the display of various breeds of horses, ponies and a donkey, as well as the equestrian showjumping.

[This is a horse: the brown one... on the left...]

[Clowning around <:o)]

[Giddy-up: this is a horse jumping...;-P]

We are sad to announce that Mutiara Brew 2 (the Perry) was not successful. It was over-brewed (we harvested it on 26 May 2005, after 3 1/2 weeks). Now we've got a bottle of pear perry vinegar (as opposed to apple cider vinegar). We suppose it's good for health, too!

To make amends, we have now initiated Mutiara Brew 3. It's back to the good old reliable apple. And as a by-product of Mutiara Brew 3, we have some lemon shortbread to enjoy.



5xmom said...

Hi Bart,
The suit suits you fine!

Peter & Gladys Liew said...

go to Penang Turf Club also never call me .. no friend you liao la

Bart said...

5xmom: Very hard to find one the right size :o)

Peter: We did think of calling you but we pai seh to kacau you during work mah. Anyway, as they say, it's the thought that counts ;o)

MrsT said...

Angie looked really pretty in this picture with the horse.. :)
Did you win any money..?? hehehe!!