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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Julian at 13 Months

Julian turns 13 months old today. Some observations during the past month:
  • He is now more steady when walking (aided).
  • When trying to come down from the sofa or bed, he has learnt to rotate himself so that his tummy is facing the sofa or bed while landing on his feet first.
  • He is getting the hang of playing with the shape sorter, and flaps his hands when he gets things right.
  • He is even more curious about things around him - wanting to hold and examine everything Angie and I ourselves are holding/using, e.g. handphone, books, cameras (so much so it's now becoming a challenge to take a decent photo of him), computer, keyboard, etc.
  • Responds when asked to clap hands, wave bye-bye, "answer the phone", and pat "daddy's back".
  • He loves to point to the direction he wants us to carry him to.
  • Can "blow his own trumpet" and toy whistle.
During the past month, he has been taking 3 solid meals a day instead of the previous 2 meals (with the usual in-between milk). This is because he seems to like solids more than milk. Hopefully his weight gain will improve this time around (his next weigh-in is in August 2008).

Mom (Bart's mother) was around to baby-sit Julian during the past week because we needed some time at night to work on some marriage preparation material. Julian (and my mom) had lots of fun :O).

The Telephone
[The Telephone: Hello? May I speak to Julian?]

The Trumpet
[The Trumpet: Julian blowing his own trumpet]

The Grin
[The Grin: Heh heh... :o)]

The Potty
[The Potty: Reading while on the throne]

Monday, June 02, 2008

Baby in Bali (Part 2)

Day 3: We had a relaxing morning at the hotel. Julian enjoyed another session at the pool. Our tour began with lunch. We had babi guling - a popular local dish. After lunch we visited the Garuda Wishnu Kencana statue complex, which would be the biggest statue in the world when it is completed.

Babi Guling
[Babi Guling (bottom right) plus other porky stuff - pork satay (tasted like "char siew"), pork liver and pork intestine]

[Statue of Wishnu, partially completed]

We then visited two temples: Uluwatu - the temple by the cliff, which had really awesome scenery, and Tanah Lot. In Tanah Lot, there's a temple on a rock by the sea and tourists gather to see the sunset. It's also the place to buy souvenirs. Dinner was bebek betutu, another local dish.

[View of the cliff at Uluwatu]

Tanah Lot
[Tanah Lot]

Tanah Lot Sunset
[Sunset at Tanah Lot: Due to the cloudy sky, no egg-yolk sunset during this visit]

Bebek Betutu
[Bebek Betutu]

Day 4: On our final day, our guide picked us up for some final sightseeing and last minute shopping before lunch. Lunch was ayam bakar. Then we were off to the airport to catch our flight home. This time, Julian hardly slept on the flight (Bali-KL). However, he slept on the connecting flight back to Penang :-)

Kuta beach
[Surf's Up at Kuta Beach]

Ayam Bakar
[Ayam Bakar (grilled chicken), fried fish, kangkong, tempe and bean sprouts]

It was a good holiday, though rather short.