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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Jerald at 11 Months Old

Jerald turned 11 months old on 28 December 2016. Here's a photo update.

[Jerald standing]

[Jerald loves water]

[Jerald and Mummy]

[Daddy with Do, Re, Mi, and Fa]

[Jerald and Super Mummy]

[Jerald finding his way to odd places]

[Jerald and Mummy at the Bayan Mutiara beach]

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Jerald at 10 Months Old

Jerald turned 10 months old on 28 November 2016.

His development updates:
  • He is crawl is very efficient now, exploring the apartment with ease.
[Jerald down the slide]


[Jerald and Jianna]

[Straw fight!]

[Jerald and his mess]

[Jerald raiding the fridge]

[Jerald at the coffeeshop]


Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Jerald at 9 Months Old

Jerald turned 9 months old on 28 October 2016.

As of 1 November 2016, he weighed 8.4kg and was 73cm in length. There was an immunisation jab this month.

His development updates:
  • His crawl has improved but still not effectively crawling.
  • Makes lots of "deh" sounds.
  • Starting to stand on his own with support.
[Jerald enjoying his porridge]

[Jerald and Julian]

[Learning on the sofa]

[Jerald with an Angry Bird]


Thursday, September 29, 2016

Jerald at 8 Months Old

Jerald turned 8 months old on 28 September 2016.

He did not have any check-ups at the clinic nor any immunisations this month.

His development updates:
  • He has started to crawl but not very efficiently, more like alternating between being on all-fours and sliding on his tummy.
  • On 10 September 2016, we noticed 2 of his lower incisors have erupted.
  • He started to dislike cereals and so we have started boiling porridge.
[Something must be funny]

[Jerald with his fashionable hat]

[Jerald and Daddy]

[Wefie with Daddy]

[Jerald's first teeth]

[Julian giving Jerald a horsey ride]

[Jerald on the piano]


Monday, August 29, 2016

Jerald at 7 Months Old

Jerald turned 7 months old on 28 August 2016.

As of 22 August 2016, he weighed 7.7kg and was 64cm in length (he did not seem to have grown longer). There was an immunisation jab this month.

His development updates:
  • While on his tummy, he can push himself to face different directions.
  • He loves gnawing on our fingers for sometime now. Perhaps he is teething.
  • He prefers being upright than lying down.
  • He likes to reach out and try to grab things.
[Jerald with Mummy]

[Jerald with Jianna]

[Mmmm... so yummy!]


Friday, July 29, 2016

Jerald at 6 Months Old

Jerald turned 6 months old on 28 July 2016.

As of 20 July 2016, he weighed 7.2kg and was 64cm in length. There was an immunisation jab this month.

His development updates:
  • He ate his first solid food (some fine porridge) on 27 July 2016.
  • We've decided that the screaming sound he makes is to express unhappiness!
[Jerald's first solids]

[Jerald and Mummy]

[Jerald pouts]

[Jerald and Julian]

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Jerald at 5 Months Old

Jerald turned 5 months old on 28 June 2016.

As of 15 June 2016 (4.5 months), he weighed 6.7kg and was 62cm in length. No immunisation jab this month.

His development updates:
  • He can lift his head while on his tummy.
  • After consultation with a paediatric ophthalmologist for his earlier delay in tracking objects, the MRI scan is now not necessary.
  • When lying down on his back, he actively flips over on his tummy and sometimes back on his back again.
  • He is making screaming sounds which we think is his way of trying to communicate something.
  • He is showing signs of being sticky to certain people, resisting being carried by strangers.
[Jerald holding a rattle]

[Travel pillow headgear]


Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Jerald at 4 Months Old

Jerald turned 4 months old on 28 May 2016.

As of 17 May 2016 (3.5 months), he weighed 6.00kg and was 59cm in length.

His development updates:
  • Still trying to lift his head while on his tummy. He generally still feels unconfortable being on his tummy.
  • He can now visually track and follow objects and faces quite well much to our relief. We are postponing a scheduled MRI scan pending further consultation with a paediatric ophthalmologist.
  • Since 8 May 2016, he has started flipping over from his back to his tummy but only a few times.
  • He has started laughing.
[Jerald smiling]

[Jerald with Grandma]

[Jerald frowning]

Friday, April 29, 2016

Jerald at 3 Months Old

Jerald turned 3 months old on 28 April 2016.

His prolonged jaundice finally subsided on 31 March 2016 when his serum bilirubin (SB) level went down to 81µmol/L.

As of 12 April 2016 (2.5 months), he weighed 4.75kg and was 57cm in length.

His development updates:
  • Still trying to lift his head while on his tummy.
  • Has started his "ah-goos", and "ah-oos".
  • Can hold his head steady when upright.
  • Blows lots of raspberries
  • Loves to suck his fists.
  • Can bear some weight on his legs when held upright.
This month, we were somewhat concerned that he was not tracking objects well with his eyes. After consulting a pediatric ophthalmologist, everything seemed fine physically with his eyes. He's likely to be having delayed visual maturation (DVM). However, DVM is a diagnosis by exclusion, i.e. other factors need to be ruled out. Checks by other pediatricians and ophthalmologist also found his growth alright and his eyes normal. The neurologist suggested doing an MRI to be sure that his brain is processing what the eyes are seeing.

[Jerald looking surprised]


Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Jerald at 2 Months Old

Jerald turned 2 months old on 28 March 2016.

He was finally allowed to have is immunisation (delayed from his 1st month clinic visit) on 15 March 2016. He weighed 3.4kg and was 56cm in length. He also started a cough which he likely caught from the rest of the family.

His jaundice was finally on a downward trend since 3 March 2015 and serum bilirubin (SB) level was 98µmol/L on 24 March 2016.

Jerald started going to daycare since 21 March 2016 in view of Angie returning to work after maternity leave at the end of March 2016. Much to our surprise, since he had to be bottlefed expressed breast milk at the daycare centre, he was drinking quite a lot and the stock of expressed breast mild didn't last long. On 28 March 2016, he started drinking formula milk in addition to the daily supply of expressed breast milk.

[Jerald and Julian in a friendly fight]

[Jerald blowing raspberries]

[Jerald (Similar pose by his brothers: Julian, and Justin)]

Friday, March 04, 2016

Jerald at 1 Month Old

Jerald turned 1 month old on 28 February 2016.

The past month had been pretty eventful after Jerald was found to be having prolonged jaundice. It all started when the health nurse found him to be slightly yellow during the home visit when Jerald was 2 days old. Blood test results showed a serum bilirubin (SB) of 113µmol/L. SB levels fluctuated in the 200+ range and reached its highest 300µmol/L on 8 February 2016. From the health clinic, he was referred to Penang General Hospital for follow-ups. Blood tests, including liver function tests, were normal.

His clinic visit was on 3 March 2016. He now weighs 3.2kg and is 52cm long. His scheduled vaccination was postponed due to his jaundice.

We celebrated his full moon with lunch on 27 February 2016 in Penang.


[Jerald with his mitts off: Ah! How liberating!]

[Jerald on the bouncinette]

[Jerald with Daddy]

[Jerald with Grandma and Grandpa]

[The Six of Us: Our first family photo]