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Friday, March 04, 2016

Jerald at 1 Month Old

Jerald turned 1 month old on 28 February 2016.

The past month had been pretty eventful after Jerald was found to be having prolonged jaundice. It all started when the health nurse found him to be slightly yellow during the home visit when Jerald was 2 days old. Blood test results showed a serum bilirubin (SB) of 113┬Ámol/L. SB levels fluctuated in the 200+ range and reached its highest 300┬Ámol/L on 8 February 2016. From the health clinic, he was referred to Penang General Hospital for follow-ups. Blood tests, including liver function tests, were normal.

His clinic visit was on 3 March 2016. He now weighs 3.2kg and is 52cm long. His scheduled vaccination was postponed due to his jaundice.

We celebrated his full moon with lunch on 27 February 2016 in Penang.


[Jerald with his mitts off: Ah! How liberating!]

[Jerald on the bouncinette]

[Jerald with Daddy]

[Jerald with Grandma and Grandpa]

[The Six of Us: Our first family photo]

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