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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Julian Ponders

Julian can be quite philosophical sometimes, especially when there's water, boats, and stones (to throw).

Pantai Bersih boats
[There's so much out there to explore...]

Julian ponders
[What does the future hold for me?...]

Jualin throws stone
[Who cares? Just throw caution to the wind and live for the moment! :o)]

Julian at 26 Months

Julian turned 26 months last 28 July 2009 shortly after being promoted to "kor kor" (elder brother).

He continues to amuse us with his speech as he learns new words and short phrases. He likes to say "Lee... touch!" while showing his index finger - he learnt this from Pocoyo where Ely the elephant warns Pocoyo not to touch his castle made of building blocks. He also likes to say "cious!" (delicious), and knows how to demand for a bigger piece of cracker. He is also facinated with the "ground" (playground) and "chim" (the chimney of the Gelugor power station).

Physically, he's as active as ever... loves to run, climb, and harrass... *horrors!*

Can't stand still
[I Can't Stand Still: No, Angie was not trying to catch Julian. Rather, she tried to steady him for a posed photo at St Anne's Church and released him just before I took the photo... a futile effort... *sigh*]

Terrorise fish
[I Love Fish: But the fish doesn't like Julian]

[I Love Lala: Julian looks just like a fishmonger doesn't he?]

Egyptian Exodus (Day 3)

On 7 July 2009 (Tuesday), there was an showcase involving all the participating teams after lunch. So, I had some time in the morning for some sight-seeing. I decided on a tour to the Giza Pyramids and the Sphynx (all in the same area), and the Citadel in Cairo. It cost me USD85 (a little expensive as I was alone on this tour). We left the hotel at 8.15am and arrived at Giza at around 9.15am

The pyramids at Giza are much larger and taller than the one in Sakkara. There are 3 large pyramids here. I learned that the pyramids were made of stone blocks and covered with limestone. So, originally the pyramids' surface was smooth. But after many, many years, the limestone layer eroded... all except for the tip of one of the pyramids. Initially, I had the misconception that the pyramids were located far away in the desert. However, I discovered that they were located "just out of town" in the Giza area :o).

Piramid at Giza
[Pyramid of Khufu]

Big blocks
[Big Building Blocks]

Just next to the Pyramid of Khufu (Cheops), there is a smaller pyramid of the Queen Hetepheres. Again, visitors are allowed to venture into the burial chamber. However, in contrast to the one we went in at Sakkara, this one was hot and humid!

Going down
[Going Down]

[Tomb of Queen Hetepheres]

Just a short drive away, my guide took me to see the Sphynx. It wasn't as big as I envisioned it to be :o).

[The Sphynx]

At 10.45am we left the Sphynx and headed back to Cairo. We arrived at the Citadel at 11.30am. It is basically a fort but the main attraction is the beautiful mosque of Mohamed Ali. Visitors can also see a panoramic view of Cairo from the Citadel.

Mohamed Ali Mosque
[The Mosque of Mohamed Ali]

I arrived back at the hotel at 1pm, just in time for the Imagine Cup showcase.
Later that evening, we were all transported to the Giza Pyramids for the World Festival or closing/award ceremony. We were a privileged lot as the pyramids are normally closed to visitors after 6pm. The pyramids have a warm glow at sunset. Showtime was at 8pm. Malaysia won 1st (my students :o)) and 3rd places for the Design for Development Award.

Piramids at Sunset
[The Pyramids at Sundown]

Imagine Cup
[Imagine Cup 2009 World Festival at the Pyramids]

Monday, August 10, 2009

Justin Comes Home

Justin came home two Sundays ago (2 August 2009) after staying in hospital for 8 days due to jaundice.

We are all adapting reasonably well, especially since Justin is a much better suckler and a sounder sleeper than elder brother Julian. He seems to be a pretty contented baby so far.

Julian is showing some attention seeking behaviour but is coping as best as he could. He does not seem jealous of Justin but we feel he seems to want more attention from Mummy (especially) and Daddy. So, our immediate challenge is to have a suitable routine in getting Julian to bed since both of them are rooming in with Mummy and Daddy.

[Justin in "sunglasses": We didn't want him to find his way back to the hospital unnecessarily :o) (just kidding)]

Justin leaves the nursery
[Justin and Mummy leaving the nursery]

Justin arrives home
[Justin and Mummy arriving home]

Justin settling in
[Justin settling in: He has some "eye shadow" (as Grandma puts it) caused by the accumulated blood at the vacumm site resolving itself]