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Friday, June 25, 2010

Justin at 11 Months

Justin turns 11 months old today. He has not put on weight (still about 8.5kg) for the past 3 months due to illness. Two months ago, we suspected he had measles or roseola (fever followed by spots all over his body). Then the past month, he had diarrhoea followed by a bad lung infection (coughing and wheezing).

Otherwise, he's turning out to be quite an active child, sometimes we think he'll turn out to be even more active than Julian *horrors*! He loves to pull himself up to a standing position and can stand very steadily. He can also hop onto the toy car or toy horse and push himself forward, and then hop off... all by himself *horrors again*! He now also loves the slide (assisted of course).

He loves to "harass" Julian. There was once when Julian was sitting on the carpet, Justin crawled up to him. Then, he put his hands on Julian's back to pull himself up to standing position. He makes a sly grin, and then pats Julian's head! And just today, he harassed Julian by wanting to scratch a scar on Julian's knee. However, Mummy distracted Justin by giving him a plastic cup to play with. Justin then used the plastic cup to knock Julian's head *slaps forehead*!

On communication, he seems to be making sounds such as "pah" (much to Grandpa's delight!) and "woh woh" (dog barking).

One more upper incisor has erupted making a total of 5 teeth so far. He still prefers rice porridge over cereals, and currently likes bread as well.


Justin and Mummy
[Justin and Mummy]

Justin bites a number
[Justin bites a number]

Justin standing on car

Monday, June 21, 2010

Birthday Birding

I was recently on leave on my birthday and decided that I would go birding. I headed to USM's Bird Valley (behind the Chancellory building, next to the School of Social Sciences). Was not very successful here... only managed to take a photo of a golden orb weaver spider.

Nephila pilipes
[Golden orb weaver spider (likely a Nephila pilipes)]

I then headed to the circular road surrounding the School of Pharmacy. Had better shots here.

White-throated kingfisher
[White-throated kingfisher keeping an eye on a dragonfly]

Olive-backed sunbird
[Olive-backed sunbird]

Olive-backed sunbird
[Another shot of the olive-backed sunbird]

Yellow-vented bulbul
[Yellow-vented bulbul]

Some months ago, I caught this olive-backed sunbird on our apartment balcony.

Olive-backed sunbird on balcony
[Olive-backed sunbird on balcony railing]

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Julian is 3 years old!

Happy Birthday Julian! Julian turned 3 on 28 May 2010.

The day before, we brought a cake to school for him so he could celebrate there. On the actual day, we celebrated with a lunch at Sea Palace Restaurant.

Here are his updates:
  • He loves playing on the computer and is quite adept at handling the computer mouse. He can accurately click on the various small colour squares to change the colour in Microsoft Paint, currently his favourite program. He is also able to click on the icons to change the paint style e.g. brush, spray or fill.
  • He loves sticker books.
  • He can now recite his ABC completely and in the correct order :-)
  • Lately, his temperament seems to have gone a bit haywire. He screams when he doesn't want to do something and goes into tantrums. However, his temperament seems better when Justin is not around. Maybe he's vying for attention...
  • He would say he doesn't want something or doesn't want to do something (e.g. doesn't want to eat), and when we 'comply', he will immediately say he wants it ("I wanna"). It appears to be like a game to him, but can get annoying for us.
  • His speech continues to improve.

Julian carrying bag
[Bad-back bag]

Julian and sticker book
[Julian loves sticker books]

Julian and lemon
[Julian and a lemon]

Julian's birthday cake
[Birthday cake]

Julian blows candles
[Happy birthday to you.... *blow!*]

Family photo
[Julian's birthday family photo]

Justin at 10 Months

Justin turned 10 months old on 25 May 2010. He weighed in at 8.5kg. No change from 2 months ago :-( (probably because he was ill the past month). His length is now 74cm.

Here are his updates:
  • From squatting position, he has managed to pull himself up to standing position without support several times.
  • He can stand without support for longer periods.
  • He can climb when the height of the object is right e.g he has climbed onto the seat of the toy car
  • He will push away a hand that is obstructing him from doing something. If we want to take away something he is holding he will pull the object away from us.
  • He has begun the behaviour of crying when he doesn't get what he wants.
  • He would shake his head when he hears music. Very Cute ;-)
  • He sometimes also shakes his head when we say 'no'. He can even shake his head when he doesn't want something! :-)
  • He can't stay still while being changed. Actually this has been going on for a few months now. I think we forgot to record it. We try to use toys, books, etc to keep him occupied at this time but he's got a mind of his own and is not easily distracted by us!
  • He's very focused on big bro Julian and adores him.
  • His upper two front teeth have erupted, so he's now got 4 teeth. And he loves sinking them into human flesh (except his own, of course!)! *OUCH*

Justin surprised
[Whoa! What's that?!]

Justin and lemon
[Justin and a lemon]

Justin and banana
[Justin and a banana]

Justin with a flashcard
[Justin with a flashcard]

Justin with clothbook
[Justin's new hairdo]

Justin angry
[No more funny hairdo, OK?!]

Julian Goes To Play-School

Julian started attending play-school on 11 May 2010. He's there in the morning only and after lunch, he's back at the babysitter's place. It's a good thing that the kindy is located just diagonally opposite the babysitter's place. To Julian, the kindy is called the "yellow school" :o).

He was enthusiastic the first few days but the novelty has since faded. Apparently he participates when he wants to but otherwise would 'do his own stuff'. He would not be forced into anything, stubbornly lying down saying "mai" if the teacher tries to make him do something he doesn't want to. Of course this is his first month so he's actually still adjusting.

The teacher is pleased with his ability to feed himself although he is choosy with food there as well. He has also impressed his teacher with his number skills.