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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Justin Strikes Back, Sometimes

Julian can be quite affectionate towards younger brother Justin but sometimes, he's just too possessive with his toys despite our telling him to share. Justin on the otherhand can be quite a busybody and would want to get his hands on whatever Julian is having.

Here are some recent photos of Julian and Justin getting along, or otherwise.

Julian and Justin
[Julian and Justin... no problems here...]

Justin strikes back
[Justin strikes back... oh, oh...]

Julian and Justin on a joyride
[Julian and Justin on a joyride. This is a "happy" photo. There were instances when Justin eventually fell off!]

Mummy and the boys
[Mummy and the boys]

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Adventure at the Ecopark

We took Julian and Justin on a trip to the Ecopark at the Bukit Merah Laketown Resort on 24 January 2010. It was drizzling very slightly during the tour but Julian still had fun looking at the animals.

Hi! Deer
[Hi! Deer!]

Guinea pigs
[Julian and the guinea pigs]

Noisy rabbits?
[What noisy rabbits?! No, actually he's complaining of the noisy goats nearby]

Justin at the Ecopark
[Justin and Mummy at the Ecopark]

We ended the tour just before a thunderstorm and we were rained-in at the Ecopark souvenir shop. Julian, as usual, made the most out of the situation *slaps forehead*.

Julian in the rain
[Raindrops keep falling on my head, err... hand...]

Friday, February 19, 2010

Julian at 32 Months

Julian turned 32 months old on 28 January 2009.

He's getting quite talkative and says short phrases. He also likes to point things out to Justin, like "Justin, [something]". He has also coined very unusual phrases like "I dun mai" when it should be "I don't want" or "uhm-mai" (in Hokkien).

Since he has been off the pacifier for more than a month now (at home with us, at least), he doesn't seem to sleep as soundly as he used to. He seems to have nightmares and cries at least twice a night (often complaining that he doesn't want something, or about a "pain" somewhere). During the "pacifier days", this wasn't uncommon but it was easier to pacify him. Now it's more tricky especially when he complains of a pain (or probably an itch or numbness perhaps) we can't locate.

He has also further improved on his bedtime routine, especially now that teeth-brushing works to draw him away from the living room (and often the TV). Furthermore, if Justin (with Mummy) is already in bed, he has more reasons to join them!

He is still possessive of his toys (and Justin's as well) and hasn't quite learnt the idea of sharing. He often tells Justin, "No touch!".

Julian painting
[What shall I paint today?]

Smiling in the seat
[Julian in his car seat]