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Monday, September 26, 2011

Julian's First Movie

Julian had his first movie experience on 7 September 2011. We took him for an early afternoon screening of The Smurfs at TGV 1st Avenue.

We booked a couple seat which was wide enough for the three of us. He was generally well-behaved except for some fidgeting because the contours of the seat was not exactly designed for small children. He sometimes wanted to be in a sleeping position across our laps. He also ended up wanting to sit on the stairs just beside the seats towards the end of the show.

We think he quite liked the experience. In the beginning, when the trailers were played, he was rather frightened by the loud sound effects and scary horror clips. When the Smurfs started making their appearance, he seemed to warm up to the movie. He was most amused in the posh restaurant scene when Gargamel repeatedly threw Azreal off the table.

He made 4 visits to the gents before, during, and after the show.

Julian at the movies
[My Smurfy Day!]

Thursday, September 22, 2011

First Chiffon Cake

Motivated by the boys' preference for 'airy' cakes I baked my first chiffon cake on 6 September 2011. It was an orange chiffon using my mummy's recipe. It was a cake which I loved as a child (and now, too) :-)

For a first attempt, I think the result was acceptable. Of course, there will be improvements made in the future... :-)

Getting the cake out
[Getting the chiffon cake out of the mould]

Julian with chiffon cake
[When it comes to cakes, Julian's the eager beaver]

Slice of chiffon cake
[Slice of my first chiffon cake]

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Logos Hope in Penang

We boarded Logos Hope on 4 September 2011 at Swettenham Pier in Penang. It was a Sunday, hence it was crowded. Nevertheless, the boys had fun playing the make-believe steering wheel, and eating ice-cream and popcorn. However, with the crowd and the boys, it was impossible to browse through the books on sale.

Boys and Logos Hope
[The view of the stern of Logos Hope]

[Let's head that way!]

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Naan and Kebab at Kapitan

We had lunch at the Kapitan outlet on Chulia Street on 2 September 2011. Angie ordered a plain naan with a piece of curry chicken while I tried their cheese naan and chicken kebab.

Cheese naan and kebab 
[Kapitan's cheese naan and chicken kebab: RM10.50]

Not bad...

Sunday, September 04, 2011

The Boys and Angry Birds

Here are some recent photos of the boys.

Angry Birds on computer
[Angry Birds on the computer]

Boys on the phone
[On the phone, most probably on Angry Birds, again...]

Boys holding hands
[The boys crossing the road]

Boys on the counter
[Over the counter]

Boys playing tudung
[Now who's under cover?]

Double horsey again
[Doing the double horsey, again?]

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Julian at 51 Months

Julian turned 51 months (4 years 3 months) on 28 August 2011.

Here are his updates:
  • He is very fond of narrating the video clips he watches of aeroplanes taking off and landing. He can go on and on and on... and he insists on getting a response from us!
  • When travelling in the car, he likes to listen to nursery rhymes. He has his favourites so we don't actually listen to the whole CD. Off and on, he would insists that we take turns singing the songs. Of course, he decides which songs he would sing and which we should sing...
  • Lately he has developed the habit of procrastinating when it comes to drinking his milk or doing certain things. He would say "afterwards".
  • When he doesn't have a definite answer to our question(s), he would give vague answers. E.g. "What are you looking for Julian?" "Something." "Where do you want to go?" "Somewhere." "Do you want to eat rice or noodles?" "I dunno."
  • For some time now, we use the long hand on the clock to get him to 'move into action'. We would tell him when the long hand reaches a certain number, he has to do a particular thing (e.g. brush teeth, shut down the PC, etc). It still works up to now and lately we've even 'hoodwinked' him by giving him the number where the long hand is already pointing at - and he buys it ;-) Sounds mean, but it does speed things up ;-)


Julian on top of slide
[Hey! Up here!]

Julian repairs aeroplane
[Julian repairs the Airbus A380]

Julian the Angry Bird
[Julian the Angry Bird]

Friday, September 02, 2011

Justin at 25 Months

Justin turned 25 months on 25 August 2011.

Here are his updates:

  • He can finally say his own name (well, almost). When asked "What is your name?" he would answer "Aaa Tin".
  • At the traffic lights, when the light is red he would say "wed, top" (red, stop). When the light is green he would say "ween dow" (green, go).
  • He can identify most of the common colours and is able to respond to the question "What colour is the (object)?".
  • He has now started to play Angry Birds *slaps forehead*.
  • His diet has been quite erratic lately, at home at least. He seems to finish his milk (4oz) only in the mornings and at night. He does not seem to be interested in other milk feeds during the day. He still prefers porridge to rice, and so he does not eat much when we serve him rice during dinner time.

Justin in towel tudung

Justin carries clothes
[Running away?]

Justin pointing
[What's that?]

Justin makes a mess
[Justin makes a mess]

Justin dunks a biscuit
[Justin dunks a biscuit]