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Friday, September 02, 2011

Justin at 25 Months

Justin turned 25 months on 25 August 2011.

Here are his updates:

  • He can finally say his own name (well, almost). When asked "What is your name?" he would answer "Aaa Tin".
  • At the traffic lights, when the light is red he would say "wed, top" (red, stop). When the light is green he would say "ween dow" (green, go).
  • He can identify most of the common colours and is able to respond to the question "What colour is the (object)?".
  • He has now started to play Angry Birds *slaps forehead*.
  • His diet has been quite erratic lately, at home at least. He seems to finish his milk (4oz) only in the mornings and at night. He does not seem to be interested in other milk feeds during the day. He still prefers porridge to rice, and so he does not eat much when we serve him rice during dinner time.

Justin in towel tudung

Justin carries clothes
[Running away?]

Justin pointing
[What's that?]

Justin makes a mess
[Justin makes a mess]

Justin dunks a biscuit
[Justin dunks a biscuit]

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